Some Goodies.. Vintage Deadstock Buckweat's Made in USA Size 8.5 Buckweat started making sneakers back in the 1940's, a Japanese company bought the brand back in 2002 and moved production to Korea. All pairs below are vintage deadstock and MiA I started tracking them down back in 2015 after reading kameidaclub's post on Pg185 of the 'Shoes Thread' They crop up every now and again in old copies of Boon More photo's on Pg9 of the 'Sneakers Thread' or my Flickr account. I'm hoping to keep the collection together, it was ridiculously time consuming trying to track all three colours down in 8.5 and i wouldn't want those years spent searching to be in vain. JP Prices for deadstock +box  +laces +swing tickets still attached tend to run between ¥18,000 and ¥20,000 which is quite reasonable for vintage MiA pumps, these pairs are perfect ds and still have the original tissue paper stuffing. I've just tried a pair on for the very first time today and i would say that they run TTS, so if you're a US8.5 in Nike... they fit the same. Modeled here by lady-soul, her Rouge Noir isn't always so chipped I'm looking for £375/£125 each ($530) +Ship for all 3 pairs. *PRICE DROP* £300/£100 each ($425) +Ship for all 3 pairs.   Next up... Fullcount Brown's Beach Vest BBJ4-001 I love this Beach Cloth vest but since i bought it in 2014 i've only worn it maybe 3 times, 4 at the very most so it's in mint condition, it doesn't look like it's been worn at all. I'm looking for £150 ($210) + Ship   Next up... RRR's A piece of denim history, These were a rare find, 250 pairs were made back in 1998.. full deets can be found on Pg80 of the 'Unknown JP Thread' Sold They are worn but ive never worn them I'm super disappointed to let these go but i need a 32" not that i'm ever going to find one BiG style Waist 16" Thigh 12" Inseam 31" Hem 8.75" Proportions are just about perfect... I'm looking for £120 ($170) +Ship *PRICE DROP* £100 ($140) +Ship Triple R's Sold Next up... Lone Wolf Mechanic Boots Size 8 I bought these nearly 20yrs ago, ive stored them for the last 10yrs for sentimental reasons. They need a re-sole, you can wear them, they're comfortable and have a good 1/4" of sole left but the soles do squeek sometimes. The inside is quite fresh, ive just taken out the aftermarket Tacco leather insole (worn from new) which has protected them. I've priced up a resole and whether i do this in the UK or send them overseas the costs involved (shipping both ways) are close to buying a brand new pair. ..but they still look dope af! £80 ($110) + Ship Next up.. Conners Sewing Factory S406XXX MIURA-46 Sold   No.71 in the early denim, I'm pretty sure this was the first CSF S406XXX to leave Japan   I bought it at the beginning of 2016, gave it a hot agitated soak and it fits perfectly but the denim still feels quite crispy and new so i would expect a little bit more shrinkage with a 40°C wash, Ive probably worn it 10 times and It's not been worn since 2019, hence the sale       Tag Size 40 Sizing as follows.. P-P 21" Length is perfect at 24" with a 24.5" Sleeve For ref.. I'm 5'11" ish, 32" waist, 39/40" chest and 74kg     Let's start the bidding at..let's say £1,000,000.. I kid, £300 ($400) +ship Sold Anything you want to know...just give me a holla
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