HI,   I was under the assumption that for the beautiful roping effect a chainstitch on the hem was necessary. Like so       Now today I read the portrait on Jack/Knife at rawrdenim http://www.rawrdenim.com/2013/10/introducing-jackknife-outfitters-quality-start-finish/ (beautiful Western pocket jeans by the way)  and in it it says: " While chain stitching has become the standard for raw denim, they’ve opted to single stitch the entire jean by hand without the use of guides or double needle machines instead. The reasoning behind this is simply that single stitching, or lock stitching, is a more durable and sturdier stitch. When combined with their use of a high stitch count, it increases the life of the jean significantly." And also for hemming they're using lock stitching instead of a chainstitch. And one can see that that also creates some nice roping.     So, is the chain stitch overhyped in regard to roping? Ore is it more pronounced with chain stitching? What are the other attractions? More pleasing to the eye? Is there something more to it?