Will this silly seam be fixed in P30A-E? My assumption is no as its still labeled as v1.1 which had the pocket flaw as well. 

Both my P30A-DS v1 and v1.1 (alpha if it matters) ripped in the same seam, right next to the size tag that connects the internal pocket array panels. 

v1 Rip June 17 2020

v1.1 Rip April 7, 2021

These are the pics that I provided to acronym repairs. for V1 I paid shipping from california to cz, For v1.1 they sent me material to have a local tailor fix it.

Now I share this in detail because over in the twc discord this has been a common trend. Go ahead and check your pairs to see if theres a rip. I know XS peeps that had rips, its simply due to how the pocket array is when sitting, at least thats how @kobebean explained it. 

I wanna see the internal pocket array on P30A-E, hoping there may be some small change or even the fact that E is not as elastic as DS it may prevent the tension on the seam that keeps ripping. Its such a fucking small little detail but I would be pissed if any of my stuff ripped like this. 

TLDR Same P30 rip convo youve seen a million times, its not just us with juicy asses lmao
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