In this thread, we will discuss and look at pictures of clothing, bags, and accessories pertaining to the marvelous worlds of Hunting, Mountaineering, and the American worker. Special attention will be paid to heritage brands (Filson, Frost River, Woolrich, etc...) as well as modern itterations of said clothing produced (by and large) for the Japanese market by labels such as White Mountaineering, Waste(twice), S2W8, and Mountain Research It's also worth talking about the great mountaineering brands of yore, such as Sierra Designs, Chouinard (Patagonia), The North Face, REI, and others. I ask that we keep the discussion of these brands PRIMARILY to their vintage pieces, or to their new products licensed for Japan, simply because both those things are more interesting and of a higher quality than any of their current US ranges. The Brits are certainly not off limits. Though a lot of their "outdoors wear" looks like refined functional casual wear to my eye, their is no ignoring the contributions of a company like Barbour in the Waxed Cotton Outerwear game. I don't know much about post O'alls, Stevenson Overalls, and other early 20th century American worker inspired Japanese brands, but I'd be glad to see them in here as well. We need NOT FOCUS ON the following either because they are over discussed, too general, simply irrelevant, or discussed in other threads: -Timberland -Acronym -Moncler -Visvim -Too much foot wear, for redundancy's sake. Whatever. We'll play it how it lands. That said, let the pictures and words of waxed cotton, tin cloth, Melton Wool, Duck Canvass, Gore-tex, Ballistic Nylon, and other wonders of the world begin!