It's World Tour-time! To spice things up a little I have the pleasure to lend out a pair of Warehouse 1001XX in their awsome duck digger fabric. Since I shipped out the jeans to Tigerstrom yesterday I deem the tour to have kicked off.    Current order of participation is the following: Tigerstrom, Sweden Swissjeansfreak, Switzerland Foxy, Germany and Russia Bradl, Canada Lendo, US Ooms, Indonesia Redragon, Indonesia Spitfiredealer, UK Unders, UK   Measurements:  Waist: 43 cm Front rise: 29,5 cm Back rise: 40,5 cm Thigh: 32 cm Inseam: 85,5 cm Hem: 21,5 cm   Here's a couple of pics from when they were brand spanking new and blurry fit pics after their initial wash: