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FS: The Strike Gold SG1101


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FS brand new (just recieved saturday 01 May) The Strike Gold SG1101 denim as seen here. fit is very similar to Samurai S5000VX but denim is even more irregular than samurai's texas cotton blend, i would say at least as slubby as Oni.

bit of a mis quote on the website for waist size as it appears the fit shrinks from tagged size, not to tagged. i am TTS 31-32 waist (wear 31 in FH F380 and 32 in IH S634 comfortably) and these fit perfect pre-soak if not just a bit tight in the waist with the same profile as my lot 10 S5000. unfortunately i'm iterested in neither a bruised waist nor the inability to evr really put these through the wash if i need to..

am putting them up for one day as i cant get back thome to put these in the post until tomorrow and would rather not pay return shipping to Japan if i can avoid it. if they dont sell today i will just send them back

measure: 31.5 waist, 12.1 thigh, about 8.5 hem

i will try and have someone take a couple of pictures tonight but the link above may be better as it gives a good fit picture

would be perfect for true 30 waist or a masochist (from WAYWT it appears there are many of you out there on this forum..)

cost: $275 shipping to USA (paypal gift only or add 4%)

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