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Military Style Thread : Vintage , Surplus, Gear, Packs, Boots

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I've been looking for affordable alternatives to Stone Island GD military overshirt; (see: http://www.endclothing.com/eu/brands/stone-island/stone-island-garment-dyed-shirt-jacket-106wn-v0154.html) Really like the style but cant currently spend that much on a light jacket (they don't have my size anymore anyway). Closest what come to my mind was Alpha Ind. M65, but would like something less bulky and more compact/light but still made of some decent stiff material (if u know what I mean here).

Anybody happen to know anything similar?


Also the prize range somewhere up to 170 e (preferably available within eu)


Apologies if this doesn't fit in the thread

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for monkey pants who does good replicas or new iterations besides nigel cabourn?  thanx

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