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Your Top Albums of 2009

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in no particular order...

dinosaur jr - farm

shafiq husayn - en'a-free-ka

raekwon - only built for cuban linx ii

sleigh bells - sleigh bells

kurt vile - childish prodigy

japandroids - post-nothing (pity they have the WORST NAME EVER)

falty dl - love is a liability/bravery

freddie gibbs - midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik

kind midas sound - waiting for you

the xx - the xx

... and the requisite dirty projectors/animal collective/grizzly bear.

as far as compilations go, "five years of hyperdub" and "tectonic plates 2" were both essential listening. biggest disappointment was the new clipse, and the new redman and method man was probably the most pleasant surprise.

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raekwon-cuban linx 2

mammoth grinder-extinction of humanity

social circkle-city shock

sonic youth-the eternal

failures 7"

brain killer 7"

government warning-paranoid mess

doom-born like this

but the cult ritual lp ruled the most

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