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promotional threads policy

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notice about advertising on supertalk :

specifically promotional threads and/or posts placed by companies and any employee on the supertalk forums.

unsponsored promotional threads are NOT allowed on supertalk and will be removed. all threads and posts of a promotional nature MUST be sponsored by the retailer/company the material pertains to. promotional threads and/or posts that are not sponsored will be removed without warning. for more information regarding sponsoring a thread on supertalk please contact : advertising [at] superfuture.com

supertalk is an open community forum for our members to congregate and discuss topics relating to fashion, music, brands, lifestyle etc. the purpose of the forums is therefore geared toward community interaction. we do allow promotions by companies with a promotional agenda within the forums if it is approved by our advertising department and sponsored accordingly.

definition of unauthorized promotion on supertalk :

unauthorized promotions refers to any type of commercially oriented material on supertalk [thread, post, text, images, links etc] placed by a company owner, employee or affiliate of a company with a promotional agenda. this includes - company directors, online promotions departments, public relations associates, general staff/employees and retail associates that work in stores dealing with one or more brands of a company. any advertising or commercially oriented posting on the supertalk forums that has not been approved by advertising [at] superfuture.com - will be removed immediately.

this includes [within a supertalk thread or post] :

- a thread within which a company [store, brand, website, etc...] places commercially oriented material.

- the participation of any company employee of a brand of a promotional nature within a thread started by supertalk members.

- the promotion of any establishment, product or service via supertalk for commercial purposes.

- the use of discount codes or coupons redeemable on other websites and/or stores via supertalk for commercial purposes.

- offering % discounts redeemable on other websites and/or stores via supertalk for commercial purposes.

- the use of or implementation of embedded promotional banners into posts on any supertalk forum linked to commercially oriented URL's.

- the use of the superfuture trademark, logo or content for the endorsement of any external commercial purpose

- the creation of any service or website using the superfuture trademark, logo, or content.

in addition, companies that sponsor threads :

- must keep all promotional material within one [1] thread

- must announce the thread is 'sponsored' in the thread title

- must not cross promote within other threads [i.e. related brand threads started by supertalk members/non commercially oriented]

- must not promote product drops or other in store events that relate to other brand threads.

- must not promote other companies or affiliates within the approved company/brand thread

- answer questions on stock publicly that would be better dealt with via pm

- promote events, contests, products that are not a part of supertalk [i.e. competing websites or outside organizations]

failure to meet any/all of the above criteria by approved thread sponsors will result in instant account suspension and/or permanent ban. please be aware that our moderators check the forums on a constant basis and will eventually come across any discrepancies. if and when discovered, suspension will follow.

for more information on how to sponsor a thread on supertalk please contact : ADVERTISING [AT] SUPERFUTURE.COM

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