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Top 10 skate vid parts

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Rules: List your favourite part; not what's best. Try to avoid montages but 2 person parts are fine. Doesn't have to be from a company's video (ie 411 & Transworld parts are ok). Throw in an explanation if you please. Here's mine in no particular order:

Jerry Hsu - Bag of Suck

Ballsy, creative + switch switch switch.

Eric Koston - Yeah Right

Goes without saying really

Carroll & Howard - Penal Code

Better vibe than just about any other part + that Carroll line

Louie Barletta - Bonus Round

The guy just knows how to have fun

Marc Johnson - Man Down

"What are you LOOKIN' at man?"

Anthony Pappalardo - Fully Flared

East coaaast bebeh

Eric Koston - Chomp On This

That ridiculously sketchy line makes me laugh every time

Guy - Mouse


Gou Miyagi - Overground Broadcasting

Mind blowing creativity

Jerry & Louie - Subject to Change

Just how skating should be

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Jamie Thomas - Welcome to Hell

Guy Mariano - Mouse

Rodney Mullen round 2 - Rodney Mullen .V.S. Daewon song

Ronnie Creager - Trilogy

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