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What are your jeans doing today?


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  • 2 weeks later...

I started off wearing the McCoy’s .. I posted them a few pages back, they were that filthy after a couple of days digging even a 40 wash left them streaked with mud.. I switched to my old decorating shorts soon after, they’re beat/torn  t’fk now but they’ve served me well..


With all the bending over lifting stone slabs.. the button detached numerous times


I’ve also gone through numerous old Warp tee’s

..and my old sombrero was as essential part of the combo.. keeping the sun off


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^_^ Went to Seattle's University District farmer's market today, as I do most Saturday, and bumped into a fellow denim fan, wearing a Tender denim jacket, I believe a 902, and some denim pants I didn't recognize. First time I see a Tender item in the wild I believe. Maybe this person is here, if so, hi again. 

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Ive just stuck a new roof on the wood shed before i fill it with logs for the winter..

..old roof


..peeled the felt off


..new ply roof


..i can't wrap xmas prezzies.. apparently? but i seem to be incredibly good at neatly wrapping a pitched roof with lots of angles?


..maybe it's one of those wanker things that men do.. convincing women that only they can multitask whereas we can't because we're just useless men.. therefore it makes more sense that you do the bulk of the household chores because you can do them all at once in a tenth of the time.. if i was to do them all singularly it would take me all weekend!? :D


..men eh?, i've got our number

I had enough felt to do the shed too



..the facias were rotten but it was the Sheffield half marathon today so our road was closed to cars..


.. zip-tied one of the facias to the bike


..and rode to work.. past this sweet van


..made 4 new'uns and rode back home


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  • 2 weeks later...

I went for a little spin around the hood last weekend.. it was 24°C in October.. it was 4 (f'kin) °C yesterday morning :(


..through the trail




..up the hill


..past the farm shop


..Mayfield valley


..and home for a beer with Len


.. less civilised, my kid and his friends.. having woken up at our house in the morning afternoon joined Dom Whiting's D&B bike ride which finished up in the park nr our house..


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Tried my hand(s) at perfecting baguette recently.

Not 100% original since I use oatmeal in the sourdough starter, should use only wheat flour, but the yeast activity is way better with oatmeal mixed in.

First picture from today (higher heat, steeper angle when scoring => better ear, more oven spring) 

Second picture shows the difference good, was a few weeks earlier. Dough about the same, fermentation about the same. Next time maybe even a bit hotter to get more contrast. Lets see how they taste.



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Beautiful m8, I try and bake twice a week. I wonder how it will go now the temp dropped quite a bit. More starter I guess.


didn’t bake this weekend cause me and my jeans wet to Dresden Germany for the bespoked bicycle show. It’s show/convention for handmade bicycle from builders around Europe . I maneges to get a spot. Well managed, I just signed up and paid for it. But I guess they had a look at who I was. It was pretty cool to bike nerd all weekend, talk about little details etc. Learned a bunch by just listening to builders talk to eachother.

saw some beautiful bikes










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Yes, that’s the one@Double O Soul.

the decision of the color dependent on the guy I made frame for. I would take the secondary he chose for his frame, hoping the paint job would be a bit cheaper. So he chose a yellow frame(same yellow as my other bike) with purple lettering. So my bike came out purple with yellow lettering. Still an expensive paint job, next time powder coat






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@Thanks_M8 I did a frame building course in beautiful Frome Summerset in 2019. Middle aged man type thing I guess. Had so much fun doing it i sourced all kinds of tools and a workshop spot. I like the part to make something for someone withkut that person being there. Opposite of tattooing.


bread, no I make enough starter the night before, in the morning I mix the the dough and bake that night.

maybe 10/15 min hands on.

last winter I killed a starter, but I have a little bit more understanding about it now.

I get my starter out tonight and see how it goes.

I never get the big ears, but the flavor is always good

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