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What are your jeans doing today?


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Almost feels bad posting about a weekend at a small rented cottage and hanging out at the beach after your post @Double 0 Soul!

We rented a small place in the middle of nowhere. The doggo was mighty happy to be out of the city life for a few days in the woods, fields and at the beach.

Nearby there was an old abandoned cemetary. The church was removed in the early 1800’s but we could see dates on some of the gravestones from 1750’s.





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Ran the Bristol Half Marathon today. Did Birmingham last week and PB'd so took this one a bit easier and just enjoyed the event.


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Well done G^ ..kid's growing up!

I've dug 8 tonnes of clay out of my raised bed.. from this


..to this


..I've ordered a load of green oak, i'll get it delivered to work, cut it to size and partially build it, dismantle it, take it home and re-build it in the garden.. it's easier than having to take all my tools home.. it'll look something like this.. i called up to Albion Timber on Saturday to buy a larger board of oak for the flip down seats


a green oak wall.. incorporating a raised bed and a seating area.. around the oak will be gravel soakaways.. french drains and such

..up top will be a green oak pergola.. stood on staddle stones.. paved with Yorkshire stone in the bottom and planted out with climbers and a clover bed up top


RMC.. It used to be white


I've still got a leak in the outside toilet.. 3 months and counting, Yorkshire Water came out again but 'couldn't gain access to the property' because some idiot had left a plywood ramp for their wheelbarrow on the step.. the broken stop cock is here


..but they couldn't manage to get by?.. or even move the ramp out of the way.. i can lift it with one finger.. one fkin finger!


..fkin useless fks!

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Posted (edited)

Some good entries from the UK contingent, unlike Eurovision (apparently…).

Not today, but yesterday I had to collect a print I bought from the artist’s studio in Woolwich, so I travelled by Underground & Elizabeth line with my trusty pooch and then took a walk alongside old Father Thames.

Various photos of the old Royal Arsenal and environs, where armaments and munitions were made. The site had its origins in the 17th century and finally closed in 1994. Most of it was built in the 19th century. Anyway, plenty of cannons, etc and some Antony Gormley-esque sculptures.

There’s also the Woolwich Ferry and the foot tunnel (opened in 1912) under the river for transport buffs. 

Some photos of the Tate & Lyle sugar mills at Silvertown, Thames flood barrier and offices at Canary Wharf. Plenty of modern, soulless high-rise residential developments too, which I ignored. 

Finally, the print of Circus Liquor in North Hollywood on 9mm birch ply covered in clear resin, by Gerry Buxton.















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^oh man, those photos remind me of Penelope Fitzgerald's "Offshore".


Did you manage to stay off the cannons? Not sure I could've.

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Thanks! I have a pretty big collection of 40's ties. Been into them since around 1983...

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Thanks, MJF9!

Correct. Buckaroos (original run) & FW star wabash.

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Scraping paint in 91 degrees (33 Celsius). Yes, it was so much fun.  Ok, I only did the tack room and the outbuilding. The barn was done with pressure washer on a boom truck. Luckily, I had several enthusiastic helpers. Iron Heart 888s.











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Not today but quite recently...

A Cape Town post deserves the mesmerising, omnipresent Table Mountain


Street art in the Woodstock district...




Hendrik Verwoerd, ex-South Africa Prime Minister, the architect of apartheid.  Stabbed to death in parliament in 1966.  One piece of art showing two faces depending where you view it from.  Disgraceful that apartheid is still thriving elsewhere.








And some denim…

CT 11.jpg

Modern day Cape Town on a Saturday afternoon at the Old Biscuit Mill


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I'm in a little village in the north of Kefalonia... no jeans tho, it's been pushing 40°C for the last week

Holiday flat-lay, we all travel light.. from left

Vintage warp tee, vintage Supreme shorts (2000 era), studio ghibli tee, vintage Stussy shorts (90s era), Buco tee, Nike swim shorts, Chucks and swim shoes.


I picked up a car from the airport (a Peugeot 108 no less) and drove up through the island to the village.

Our house is overlooking the sea.. the one covered in grape vines and cicadas which never shut up!



..We wake up to sea views


View down the street from under the grape vines


Neighbours to the right..


..and to the left


Outside the house is a handrail with steps going down to the sea..


All around the coastline are rocks which from sea level almost look like they're melting, i assume volcanic rock, 1000s of years old from when Kefalonia was pushed up out of the sea leaving this lovely deep bay/harbour.


The first night we arrived my kid kept saying that the first thing he wanted to do was swim in the sea.. i talked him out of it, it was dark and 10.30pm, we went for a walk around the harbour instead but due to his powers of persuasion we still ended up going for a swim... till 2am :D

We put the snorkeling gear on in the morning and the sea is just teaming with fish from a vast array of species (or 'brands' as my kid like to say) it's so refreshing to see after all the bad news we hear.. we go snorkeling around the rocks every day, sometimes up to 3 times/day

I'm the pasty one on the right :ph34r:


Drinking Mythos Hellenic beer..


My kid stroking the neighbourhood cats.. the only thing he asked for this year for his birthday was this AC Milan shirt?


There are lots of cats around the village.. i can't really call them strays, they have no owners but people seem to care for them, they roam freely around the restaurants while you're eating, they love a bit of affection.. i went to the market to buy them some cat food but i could only find dog food.. if you look carefully around the streets, there are little piles of cat biscuits (often uneaten) so locals are feeding them... i think they'd rather wait for a bit of leftover octopus

We're driving to Myrtos beach tomorrow.. it's only 10mins from here on the other side of the island.fullsizeoutput_3a79.thumb.jpeg.39408e560984651c47e3ba5b32290521.jpeg


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I’m on holiday visiting some places in the south of Italy. Good times, great food super friendly people

we visited Matera yesterday. This town has a really crazy story to tell.





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Frederick II of Swabia’s castle (castel del Monte) very cool if you’re into esoteric like me





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Ouch! ..we got pummeled at Myrtos beach, the waves were f'kin massive!.. way too big to swim, we couldn't get past the breaks.. nobody could so we were diving into the breaking waves which were throwing us back to the beach.. even the water making it's way back to the sea was powerful enough to drag my kid off his feet..
Our side of the island is sheltered by the Greek mainland but t'other/Myrtos side of the island is just the Ionian sea all the way to the boot of Italy so nothing stands in the way of the waves.
Being pebble.. the small pebbles wash in to the shore but the larger pebbles.. tennis ball size and below are being whipped up by the force of the water and thrown into the breaking waves so you're being hit by the wave along with the stones.. our knees and ankles are cut, i've got 2 cuts to the top of the head where i dived into a wave and was hit on the head by a stone.. my kids got a black eye! :laugh:
The back of our ankles are sore af because the waves chuck the small pebbles onto the beach along with the water...then drags them back into the sea so all the small pebbles were constantly hitting us in the back of the ankles as we were stood waiting for the big'uns to come, like being pebble-dashed.. we didn't really feel the pain till we got out. My mrs took some videos..i'll try and upload/link them to Flickr if i can figure it out from her phone.
I'm mildly fascinated by the folks who own the yachts.. i've got no clue how much these things cost but damn.. they look expensive! with all their tech and radar biz.. the older folks i assumed have downsized their houses to afford such a luxury but the sexy 20-somethings and their even sexier girlfriends who just sail around the med like f'kin Duran-Duran.. how do you even earn a living to pay for the damn thing when you're living offshore? ..and if you do work onland, where the hell do you keep it?
Most of them are flying the Greek flag so the economy ain't that fucked!
They leave the harbour in the morning and come back at 7pm for a shower at the harbour and an evening meal..
The boats which can't fit into the harbour, drop anchor in front of our house..  my kid took these pics on his Pixel 6 (i'm not sure if the sea looks weirdly high-def or just weirdly-weird) 
When this bad-ass looking catamaran parked up in front of our house.. i said 'what the hell, It looks like some kind of James Bond supervillain'..
..in reply my kid said 'why do you think that one looks like a villain.. because it's the only boat which isn't white? 
Hmm yes, it just looks more intimidating being black and grey.. jeesus dad.. enough of the yacht-racism!.. :D
wtf! I've said it before and i'll say it again.. "fkin zoomers?!"
I've been walking down to the village in the morning to buy pastries for breakfast while the lazy fk'ers sleep..
..every day we've been eating pana-chocolate.. Danish pastries, warm apple strudel and all the other traditional Greek delicacies straight from the oven..
..the woman who owns the bakery is just wonderful.. 80+ years old and you wouldn't meet a happier person.. her husband is usually nodding off in the chair because he still gets up at 4am to do all the baking.. we've eaten at every restaurant in the village and the bread served looks and tastes exactly like hers, all from this mixer and small oven
..l'ill mantis, hanging out on the grape vines
.. i wasn't going to pick this one up.. sat on the roof of our car, looks like it wants to kick my ass just for taking it's photo
..dope af Lada Niva
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Squally skies for a hike with Junior MJF9 near Kirkham Priory in the Howardian Hills, North Yorkshire

I'm using the 10 Adventure app to find decent walks within a reasonable radius of home.  And the Met Office weather forecasts to select a location to try to dodge the rain!!

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou  1.JPG

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou  2.JPG

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou  2b.JPG

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 3.JPG

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 3b.jpg

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 4.JPG

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 5.JPG

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 6.JPG

And there was denim involved... FW 1922, FW 1937 rolled up, Buaisou, Rototo, Darn Tuff and muddy Solomon

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 7.jpg

20230801 Kirkham FW Buaisou 8.JPG

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My next advertisement for the Yorkshire tourist board...
Malham Cove - quite an imposing white limestone cliff and the focal point of a short 8km hike about an hour's drive from home

20230804 Malham Walk 1.jpg

Jane's Foss

20230804 Malham Walk 2.JPG

Totally staged photo for Sufu purposes

20230804 Malham Walk 3.JPG

Malham Cove

20230804 Malham Walk 4.jpg

Junior MJF9 getting a bit close to the edge as usual

20230804 Malham Walk 5.jpg

Sadly we missed the Harry Potter partee

20230804 Malham Walk 6b.jpg

20230804 Malham Walk 7.JPG

Indigo dyed tractor, possibly

20230804 Malham Walk 8.JPG

20230804 Malham Walk 9.JPG

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