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What are your jeans doing today?


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I make paintings on occasion.


There's a story behind the painting, but it doesn't type well. The jacket is actually one that Freewheelers makes in repro. I inherited


 the--original, an early seventies East West Musical Instruments jacket made by them in San Francisco at the time--jacket along with the story. While the painting is it's own entity, the story is in influence
















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Took a walk out to an island out in the estuary, only reachable for a few hours at a time due to the tides. Really trippy experience - it looks so calm and serene but in reality its about minus who knows degree C and gale force winds are threatening to knock me off my feet at any moment...



And all the while the tide is constantly returning.

I wrapped up warm for this one - 3sixteen heavyweight tshirt, pure blue japan polo, kooples leather jacket, Barbour x tokito coat, moncler hat, scarf and gloves, samurai 710xx 19oz, Anonymousism socks and red wing Beckmans. Still brass monkeys.

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The weather was perfect today, around 70 degrees and not a cloud in sight, so we decided to head to a nearby state park.

I've lived in Austin for about 5 years now, can't believe this is 15 minutes away and I hadn't been here!





Iron Heart loop wheeled v-neck tee.

Fullcount 1101.

Converse 70's.

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