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STF Inseam Question!!


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So I've noticed some subtle differences on my pair of STF's compared to friends.

The inseam on my pair is double stiched (ie. two stitch lines running up and down the inseam.) My friend's are only single stitched. I also noticed that his doesn't have the "Levi's" stitching on the red tab while mine do. What's going on here? Are the runs of STF's really that imprecise?

The inseam was the biggest difference...being as quality could easily come into play here. Especially with both pairs being the same price.

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The double-stitched inseam is found on the pre-2003 501s, while the single-line is post '03. From my understanding, it seemed Levi's tweaked their 501s on their 130th anniversary, to reflect the 1947 model details. Apparently they modify the 501 every decade or so to mirror the styling of that particular era.

In this case, lowering the rise a tad, enlarging the back pockets and bringing back the two values of yellow threads used in the jeans construction were the main details I noticed. The leg opening has also been enlarged for a straighter line from the knee.

The 'improvement' I didn't like was the denim weight appears to be a bit lighter in the newer cut.


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