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how are u gonna look this a/w


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how are u gonna look this aw?

i hope im gonna look like this all autumnwinter

m-51 vintage military fishtail parka

white t

sam 710w rolled a lil lower then the boot end

white pascal martens needem

over the t - sweater and maybe abutten up

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TOJ brown Bomber with shearling collar

oxfords and flannels

really worn out APC NS or this pair of LVC 501's I stole from my gf

RW 875's rolled/pinrolled above the boots


Bless hood jacket

N. Hoolywood sweatshirt worn way oversized

$1 white tee

black APC stretch cures

MMM hightops or black Raf velcros


MMM leather

beige Ann D duffle

$1 white tee

the same stolen LVC 501's

plain white sneakers of some sort, or I'll pinroll the jeans and get a pair of tricker's lows in a good color

as I get more TOJ stuff it will go in with the rest.

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looking like

1. cold as fuck

john woolrich grey wool down jacket with rabbit fur lining (fuck yes)

button-downs / pocket-ts

cropped new standards / cropped offwhite number(nine) jeans

don't know what shoes

2. cold but not that cold

ervell bomber over oversized grey hoody

button down / pocket t's whatever

a.p.c. navy chinos

a.p.c. suede boots

3. wildcards

all my raf / rick shit

feeling alright about this winter so far for once

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