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I think it mainly reflects the taste of the couple behind hell looks. what icarus said here is true, but it doesn't really reflect the whole scene in helsinki. you will, for example, see people in rick owens and damir doma quite frequently if hanging around at some particular places.

(i am living in finland and been to helsinki quite a few times)

My friend from Helsinki, Tuomo, situates the prevalence of hand-me-down and vintage/recycled clothing in a sustainability framework. It's very popular for Finns to appear eco-conscious so they consume a lot of/unceasingly talk about their environmentally sustainable choices, like wearing hand-me-down and shopping second hand, among other things. UFF is a chain store that sells used/"recycled" clothing, and their prices are rising with the growing popularity of environmentally-conscious fashion. I think Hel Looks just demonstrates one facet of a popular consumer movement in which clothes play a part.

I think a lot of us wear hand-me-down/vintage/surplus etc. in our everyday getup, we just aren't so compelled to talk about it with fashion bloggers because clothing has not entered our sustainability discourse on a broad scale.

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I'm at the fashion party
I'm wearing fashion clothes
I'm putting fashionable powders up inside my nose
Looking at these fashion friends
Tryin' to make them fashion ends
Tryin' to touch that fashion paper
Like they was fashion pens
I'm like a fountain pen
I look like mountain man
But I'm not a mountain man
I'm a fucking mountain, man
I fuck with fashion trends
My trends are fashion forward
Two dollar jeans and Gucci visors from the dollar store
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