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dont miss these one's folks -

speakeasy - east vill. clandestine latino bar with mind blowing security.

famous friends - east vill. good street wear, hot store girl.

clientele - nolita, cool sneaks on lafayette.

freemans - lower east, down the alley restaurant with best taxidermy ever.

maritime hotel - chelsea, sunday night slutfest at the downstairs bar.

49 ann st on sat nights - financial dist. clandestine party full of random crack heads.

passerby - chelsea, getting good again on sat nights.

cafe st helens - williamsburg, hot locals, good food, vicious turtles in back yard pond.

canal jeans brooklyn - last stop on the 2 train into bk. just purchased entire winter wardrobe for $50.

vice - nolita, always partying hard. check instore for next booze fest.

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