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is canada goose meant to be mad white trash/cwg attire? this down vest looks pretty spot on for what i want and basically the only 'known' outdoors brand here in australia is north face.

basically, i want permission from sufu to buy it.

Definitely not white trash, boring/cwg - probably yes.

It's good enough for US Antarctic Research Program, I woudln't care if Sufu hivemind like it or not. 

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i've said it before and i'll say it again: warmest jacket ever*


* though my bro ass brother says there is less down fill than there used to be


** my gareth pugh cashmere coat is a close 2nd, only because it doesn't really close


i'd say wear it if you need it. but do you really need it in south australia? 


you can probably make due with a fashiony one:


undercover wool body down vest



undercover gradient wool print down vest



with regards to UC "quality"/warmth, i bought an 09 gradient puffer for my girlfriend in grey and while it loses quite a bit of feathers it is more than warm enough for canada


i dunno if others have the same experience as me, but in my opinion the 100% down vs the 80% down / 20% feather doesn't lose as much fill over time

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..do u even get the controversy? It says made in bangladesh, talkin bout the model not AAs clothes. Havent read any articles from feminists specifically just a buncha people sayin its distasteful cash in on a nations societal issues just so AA can use sum bangladeshi chick as a 'flavor' for their softcore porn ads. AA ofc passes it off as sum kinda feminist msg but lol. Its obv to everybody that any feminist msg they put out is secondary 2 boner bait.

ty for the summary, aa outcries are so commonplace i even see it in my local bumpkin newspapers so i never look to see if the commotion (intended of course, aa u smart devil u) is anything beyond the expected

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Do you remember the feeling you got when you were a kid and entered a big church (not the fear of being raped by a priest)?

The feeling of being real small and the urgency to be quiet and all that?

Turning away from belief made me lose that feeling in churches, but now I feel that way when I enter a boutique when there´s hardly something in it I can afford, whcih is totally stupid considering the staff can only afford it because of their discount.

I still feel like a superficial consumer-whore.

Anyone else feel that way?

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I've always been told "act like you belong and you'll have no issues" but I can't help feel the same way, even when I just keep to myself. The staff doesn't know me nor have they ever seen me before but I can't help but get that same feeling. I know it's ridiculous but that's just the way it is. Fuck it, I still check everything out and if I come across a sales associate who's down to earth that makes everything much more enjoyable. 

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I went to the RO store in Paris with my girl, it was the first time either of us set foot in a RO store (or ever saw his clothes in person).

At first there was that akward feeling, but then the staff was real friendly and helpful and the feeling vanished immediately.


@Nebulae: If you enter the store and wear regular clothes. I think a lot of the akwardness comes from within, though.


@pita bread: Because they wanna sell you a skirt AND a parka. ;)

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Jil Sander Group Names New Creative Director




MILAN, Italy — A new creative director has been named to succeed Jil Sander six months after she departed for the third time from the fashion house that she founded.

Jil Sander Group said in a release Tuesday that Vionnet designer Rodolfo Paglialunga has been named creative director. His first designs will be presented in September on the spring/summer 2015 womenswear runway.

Sander, 69, stepped down as designer in October, citing personal reasons. An in-house team designed the company’s winter collections shown earlier this year.

Paglialunga started his fashion design career at Romeo Gigli in the 1990s, joining Prada in 1996 and leaving for Vionnet in 2009. Jil Sander Group CEO Alessandro Cremonesi praised Paglialunga’s “refined and cosmopolitan approach.â€

Jil Sander’s minimalist man-tailored looks took off in the 1990s.



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Julien Dossena Closes Atto

May 7, 2014 3:14pm



Style.com got word this afternoon that Julien Dossenahas decided to put his signature line, Atto, which he launched in 2012, on hold indefinitely. Having been appointed as creative director of Paco Rabanne last August, Dossena wants to dedicate his full focus to the heritage house. “I feel that today is a moment when both projects deserve and require a full commitment from my side, and I feel that exciting projects are coming in for Paco Rabanne and I want to make sure that all my energy is concentrated on that,†Dossena said. “Of course Atto will always be very special to me, and I am sure that a few years down the road I will restart this amazing adventure for which I received such a good response.†Atto is currently stocked at twenty-five stores worldwide.

It’s not easy to juggle two brands, especially as an emerging designer, so Dossena’s choice is understandable. However, it’s sad to see Atto close its doors—the line had a fresh, streamlined aesthetic, and earned Dossena a finalist spot in LVMH’s Prize for Young Fashion Designers competition, the winner of which will be chosen this month. We’ve been told that Dossena withdrew from the competition last night, and his spot will not be filled with another designer.

—Katharine K. Zarrella



Saddening, but he perfectly knows what to do and this is a bright move from his part....

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