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Top Cities You Have Never Been To and Want to GO


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Brazil - Music Samba Tropicalismo DJ Marky + Oscar Niemeyer Archi

Paris - Fashion + See the Hype

Bangkok - Cheap? + Design Vibe

Taipei - Is it an up and coming style city in Asia?

Osaka - Another Tokyo?

London - Now (Went there in 96)

Milan - Fashion + Interiors

Shanghai - Curious

Miami - Winter Music Conference

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I went to Taipei earlier this year, and would not say that it's a stylish place at all. Felt a lot like any big city in China. Now, don't get me wrong, I had a great time, especially at the night market (and it has to be said that I was just there for a weekend), but I wouldn't put in a style list.

Osaka in not like Tokyo, but rather as its own wacky character. Some interesting design-related shops/buildings and cafes seem to be popping up in Kyoto.

Shanghai is the hyped Asian city of the year, making it on the cover of a few magazines recently (TIME and PAPER SKY). It might be overyhype, but it still has me wanting to go there.

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Taipei? interesting... i guess in the chinese press in asia hyping things, it appears to be up and coming. dunno :P

like interiors n fashion moving on up.

n first guggenhem in asia is opening there by zaha hadid

just impressions i guess

i used too not rate the city highly until recently

Shanghai? sounds nice n interesting. but i guess culture would take some time to develop. even singapore where i live doesnt have much vibe yet. would like to see to.

What other recommendations n opinions?

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Berlin (celebrating NYE there)

New York (checking savings account.. maybe next year)

Istanbul (next NYE?)

Shanghai (Asia's future beating heart)

Kuala Lumpur (know it by heart but miss it already)

Moscow (curious about the subcultures there)

Melbourne (love Sydney, but hold back on the corporate suits)

Budapest (for the grrrls)

Bombay (impression overdose)

Beirut (former Paris of the middle east?)

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-adelaide, laserbeam you should consider working for the chamber of Adelaidian commerce

-lisbon, seaside villa

-lagos, the hardest working city in africa

I've been to taipei 3 times, each visit was about 3-4 weeks. I agree with snow, at first glance it seems alot like any generic asian city. But under the surface you have a city that's not that different from tokyo in the 1960's. Architectural bleek, but with the additions of taipei 101 and a new guggenhiem taipei has the potential to be more it's just a question of do they want it. I'm going again in April with a week lay over in tokyo or shanghai.

So....How's your girl?

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1. Osaka - Its taken me 2 trips and over 18 months to explore Tokyo, think its time to try out Osaka.

2. Hong Kong

3. London

4. Adelaide - you got me interested but isn't there something wrong with the water down there?

5. Kyoto - C'mon its got a palace made out of gold.

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13's Top 10:







Cologne (for Cannes silly)


Marrakech (Morocco you Carmen Sandiego wannabe)

Seattle (so I can find and subsequently burn down the original Starbucks- and because I do

-->want to go check it out)


Now wasn't that strangely yet predictably anticlimactic and unatisfying since you have no idea who the fuck I am, where I am from, and whether the validity and/or sincerity of this opinion is even worth the 30 seconds or so it took you to read down to here? Well I guess you will just have to take me at my word and that better be good enough because... well, because that's all you got to go on now isn't it all you Sam Spade's out there yous.

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my friends from sao paolo say that rio is really REALLY dangerous if you are an american tourist... they say sao paolo isn.t really that much better either (their families travel in bulletproof cars)

i always wanted to go to barcelona, shanghai, and sydney though... being near the water is a must o_O

haha huge fan of miami beach though... the best way to keep the glitz and glamour of new york while getting away from the grittiness and hustle and bustle

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