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How to Take Jean Measurements...????


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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the waist measurement is taken in circumference correct?

An eBayer wants to know about my Rigid Premium Austins and wants actual measurements...waist and inseam. Would it be best to take a piece of string and measure them that way?

And is the inseam measure from the crotch to the leg opening?

Sorry for all of these newbish questions but the information would help.

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Obviously you're not understanding what I'm asking Minya. I've got a tape measure right in front of me. But I want to know where the inseam is measured from and whether the waist is measured in circumference or what. Like I said, I'm pretty sure of all this...but I don't wanna tell this guy complete wack info.

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haha, OK. I thought you were measuring with a string icon_smile_tongue.gif

to measure the waist of jeans, lay them flat on the ground and measure flat across the back waist. And then double it, if you like. i.e. 17" means 34" waist

for inseam, start at the crotch, and then measure all the way down to the bottom hem.

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Minya, just had a question about measurements. When i measure the back of my pants, like my APC size 30 i get a 17" . My helmut lang's also measure 17" across the back, size 32. My studio d'artisans measured a 17.5" and they were labeled size 32" also. I know that apc's should be 2" larger than label and studio d'artisans and helmut langs should be spot on, if not smaller. I'm wondering if there's a discrepency between measuring the back of jeans and actual waist size or if i'm actually stretching out all these pants to 34, or in the artisan's case 35". Would there be differences due to rise and where worn. I measured my actual waist, where a tailor would measure and found it to be 32, and my hips to be 35" where i wear my pants. So why the difference between pants measured on the back and labeled waist size?

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crisis, are all those jeans stretched out? Because that sounds about right if they've been stretched (although I'm surprised those D'artisans stretched so much). My Eternal 811s started out at about 32" (marked size 34), which was hella tight, and stretched to about 34.5". Like you, my natural waist is probably a 31" or 32" but my hips are around 34".

Since jeans are low rise or baggy and what not, the tag size does not always correspond to waist size. Dress pants don't vary as much.

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don't know if you are looking for this, but on the uk ironheart page is a nice little scheme, I think for most companies this is standard




b=inseam length

c=front rise

d=back rise


f=leg opening

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