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ninja life moves fast

What do you use to store your shoes/clothes?

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i used to use a rack, it was nice. i was in my parents basement so i didn't have a closet.

now i have a big plastic rack i bought from Lowe's. It is used for storage for your garage. It is blue and about two feet by three or four feet. it is seven feet tall with five racks. it cost about $30. I store sweaters, jeans, etc.. on it.


i bought some cinder blocks and a huge plank of wood that i cut in half. both pieces are about 10 inches deep by 5 feet long. i haven't set it up yet but i will stack my shoes on this up against my wall. I can add another level if I want. it cost about $5.

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A closet. It came with the house.


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closet - to hide a mess when company is coming over... lol

standing rack for clothes, a few shoeboxes

2 large stackable shoe racks - from bed bath beyond.

shelves/display case - it looks like it belongs in the kitchen with fine china, but houses

some jeans and sneakers/shoes that i havent gotten around to wearing, accesories, and not in season shoes, books, magazines.

drawers - for clothes not in season or from 5 seasons ago, awaiting trends to cycle. lol

basement - shoe box mess to soak up the flooding when it rains.

bbb shoe rack ... btw it sucks... i had to put griptape on it so the dang shoes wouldn't slip off in the middle of the night and crash. just a heads up. but it works well on anything with heels.


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