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For y'all warehouse lovers - do they ever do longer inseams, maybe for a collab or a special request store like you get from SE+SC? I could go with a 33" inseam, post-shrink, but 32 and under is gonna be creeping into the pre-ankle calf zone....

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I'm guessing that doesn't apply to the 1001?


Standard 1001 shrinks to roughly 31.5" / 80cm inseam.  


I believe models like the natural indigo 1001 had a little bit longer inseam.  


If someone wants a 33"+ inseam, their safest bet is the export models and the 660 from BiG.  

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I believe models like the natural indigo 1001 had a little bit longer inseam.  


This is true, washed/dried my pair a couple of times to ensure shrinkage was accounted for and the inseam is longer than my 1001XX's.

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That denim looks awesome!


It really is. Wasn't 100 % sold on them before I saw them in Osaka, it is nothing short of fantastic. Borrowed cash from my friends to leave with a pair, haha.  

Poshy: I haven't worn my pair yet, but I will probably wash them every 2 months or so! Rocking Denimbridge lot.2 pretty much everyday right now, but next summer I think I'll break 'em out for a spin. 

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Foxy and Cusswords, how are you getting on with your cotton/linen pairs? Would be nice to see how they shape up.



I'm somewhere between 60 and 70 wears on my pair and the overall shade of blue is starting to lighten up while some whites are popping out of the train tracks and slubs. The creases are pretty sharp even after washing them twice, and the leg below the knee is still very hairy.  Given the current popularity of highly textured denim I really think the C/L is flying under the radar and I try to recommend them to people as much as possible. 


How often are you washing your C/L pair? I just got a pair of the 1001 C/L and they are quite nice.


I wash as needed, which is once a month since I live in a very hot and humid place. I'm curious to see what this denim would look like if someone took a high contrast approach to wash and wear. The texture on this denim could yield some realyl ridiculous results. 

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Cheers! Close up of the imperfection on the left leg from inside. I've never heard of loom chatter before - how does that occur?20160903_215931.jpg

Looks more like a defect - a broken weft yarn.

Usually, this would be marked as a B grade section of the cloth and cut out during spreading. That's before cutting the markers.

Or it would be used for producing B grade garments.

Personally, I wouldn't be bothered by this imperfection as some of the others already mentioned - it adds character!

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Selling a pair of size 34 lot 900. Hot soaked once and worn around the house 5 times - fit isn't quite right. Unhemmed and unaltered.  Open to offers! Photos



Waist flat: 17.5"

Rise: 10.5"

Upper thigh: 12"

Knee: 8.75"

Inseam: 31"

Leg opening: 7.5"


Grailed & EBay accounts (95 and 13 feedback, respectively).  Let me know if you have any questions or would like more pictures.  Thanks!



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Hey guys,

I want to ask, which type of warehouse denim is the slimmest? 900 or 800? and which fabric has the best prospect to fade?



The 900 is the slimmest.  "Best" is subjective, but in my experience, it's easier to produce a higher contrast fade with the 1000XX denim the 800 is made out of.  The 1001 denim the 900 is made out off fades slower and with less contrast.


This is a very good example of how the 1001 denim fades.  I would guess these jeans have had close to a year of actual wear and been washed several times.    



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Interesting. I have a lot 1000 from a few years back, a two year old lot 1101 and a newish lot 900 that I got on sale this spring. The fading properties seem to be very different on all three, the 1101 being the fastest fader with a clear margin and quite crinkly and textured. What denim would that be? 


The 1000 is still quite dark with contrast in the faded areas, while the 900 seems a lot rougher to the touch and fades more like other brands I own. It's been washed only twice though. 

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