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The short film I made, now on Youtube

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I made a film last year. It was my senior thesis from RISD.

Its 7 minutes, funny, and I do all the acting.

If you like video art, david sedaris, stand-up comedy, drawings, etc etc.

Its played in 6 international film fests and done pretty well, I just want a lot of people to see it.

check it out and watch it in high definition mode,

then comment.

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thanks for the comments guys. im really glad you said eddie murphy! i can intellectualize the acting with nods to vito acconci and paul mccarthy, but when it comes down to it, eddie does it the best.

more info:

-it was shot over 4 weeks at the middle of the night, RISD studios Providence RI

-all the drawings are about the side of 8x11 sheet of paper and drawn from real locations.

-there originally were child actors, who proved disasterous

-the cinematographer who did ET, Empire of the Sun, said "he liked it"

-total budget cost was $1000, my new job's camera lens cost more.

-costumes were all lucky finds.

-my mom actually has that haircut.

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