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Eternal Jeans


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Alright, I finally bit the bullet and ordered some 811s from Denimio, after being interested in these jeans for [checks notes] approximately the past eight years.

Now I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to wear them since I'm planning to wear my Flat Head 3005s all fall (with my Samurai S710s mixed in there on some days), but you can bet I will give comprehensive impressions on these jeans when they get here.

I think it's worth pointing out that Eternal has my favorite patch of any jeans. I love deerskin patches. Since I'm not in any rush to wear these, perhaps I'll have somebody move the blue tab from the coin pocket to back pocket.

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I went with the 811 as it has a slightly longer rise and is straight from the knee down, pretty similar to the Full Count 1108 which has become my favorite fit. The Samurai S0500xx is another with a similar fit. I really like these "middle straight" fits as they seem to fit my proportions well and work with a wide variety of other types of clothing.

I've come to like jeans with a hem around 8" or so as it accommodates engineer boots well, but looks good with other types of shoes also.

Beyond the lovely denim, I like how the 811 is a blank slate sort of jean with minimal branding compared to something like Flat Head or Samurai. It would be easy to recommend as a more minimalist type of jean that doesn't have connotations of the railroad and construction look. What I'm most curious about is how I'll find the quality on these jeans. I've read varying reports in this thread about Eternal's quality/durability. A lot of that can probably be chalked up to the cotton stitching (which I'm fully prepared to deal with), but hopefully there won't be any fit inconsistencies. Denimio's measurements for the 811 look like they'd fit me just right, and the Full Counts I got from them last year fit just as advertised. 

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Got my 811s and gave them a warm wash just to make sure all the shrinkage was gone. The initial one-wash must've done the job since I couldn't discern any more shrinkage. I got a size 31, same as my size in most other brands (Full Count, Samurai, 3Sixteen, etc.) I wear 32 in Flat Head.

Man, I'm kicking myself for not getting a pair of these, like, ten years ago. They fit really great, similar to other fits I like such as Samurai S710 and Full Count 1108. There's a slight "hip flare" but it's not any worse than various other jeans I've worn, and since the leg is not tight on me, it's not really noticeable. The inseam was 34", the length perfect after a single cuff.

If I'm being honest, these are the jeans I always wanted my Flat Head pairs to be. The fit is better on me than any of Flat Heads, and these fix some of the bothersome issues I've had with FH jeans, most noticeably by having a slightly longer front rise, and generously-sized openings on the front pockets. The construction is excellent and everything is neatly-sewn with no issues anywhere. I like how clean and minimal these are.

The one area where I think Flat Head clearly beats Eternal is hardware. Flat Head's buttons and rivets are cooler than Eternal's, but Eternal's hardware matches their aesthetic. Speaking of Flat Head, I can confirm the denim is very similar to my washed-but-unworn 3009s, and to the touch it feels almost identical. Eternal is a little darker than Flat Head, and the weave also appears slightly different.

Will post some pics soon.

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yeah. eternal are great jeans. I was also lurking them couple of years and bought them 2 years ago. Also 811. unfortunately it was after many years of staying in SEA, so after return to the Europe I took on my weight fast 11 kg. and that time I bought them :cool: in the size W36. and after my metabolism started to be used for european food and now I am back on my previous weight :rolleyes:. so, I had just 2 month period to wear them. after I tried to wash them and tumble dry to shrink them with some success but my waist is now 33-34. so, they wait in my closet when I'll get fat again .....

hip flare will be significant just 2-3 weeks. after your jeans will mold your body. 

don't expect fast fading. after 2 month, when I tried to do from my jungle garden only garden, there were no signs of fades. just only some forms and promises....

Really darkest indigo denim jeans I have....

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Man, that's a bummer. Weight gain is something I've never had to deal with, I've always been skinny and I'm healthier now than ever, since I started lifting a year ago.

My thighs got a little bigger after I started doing squats, but that only sized me out of my 3Sixteen ST-120x which had 1.5 years of wear in them and were pretty well-loved. 

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Eternal 883 - at least 5 years











I’ve had these for ages, and since buying them, have gained a little weight, thus they don’t fit like they used to, and the crotch blew out prematurely.. twice.

I had the crotch fully rebuilt (?) a while ago, then didn’t really wear them much. Then, the second time wearing them after the major repair, I slipped on wet grass and busted the crotch open again!


I’m gonna try again, and get these repaired because aside from the worn out crotch, they have a lot of life left in them.

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Finished writing my review of my 811s.

I really like everything about these jeans except the top block fit, it's the clunkiest, boxiest top block of any jeans I've ever worn. (I actually didn't do a great job of capturing it in these photos.) There's a pronounced poking out in the center of the butt, and just a generally sloppy and loose feel through the butt. It bothers me enough that I don't know if I even want to wear these. Would it be worth it to have someone who knows what they're doing (Railcar, Indigo Proof, maybe?) take in some of the fabric at the side seams through the hip and butt? If I pinch off about an inch on either side around the hips, it looks dramatically better. 

The fit through the leg is just about perfect though, so I don't want to slim down the whole thing.

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It actually doesn't show up too much in those photos. During this "session" I had photos taken for a couple other things while wearing these jeans, and it was in those that I really noticed how weird the top block looks on these jeans. I never noticed it just looking in the mirror or whatever.

This one especially shows it.


Not sure if my wallet (in the left pocket) is causing it to poke out weirdly like that or not.


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I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I took some pics of just the top block, on my Eternal 811s, Flat Head 3005s, and Full Count 1108s.




What I observed is that... this really doesn't look bad. It pokes out a little bit at the edge of the pocket, but otherwise the fit looks fine. Maybe something about the photos from the other day, or how I was standing, was a little weird and made the jeans look more "off" than they actually are. It seems to be not that different from how my Flat Head 3005s fit (a fit I really like, by the way.)




My Full Counts are definitely the slimmest and best-fitting in the top, but it's still not a huge difference.




I'm pretty slim overall around the waist, butt, and hips, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that nothing is exactly slim-fitting around there.

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@Toegun  it could either be a 881 or 883 maybe. they're the two most popular models from them. you should just put them on when your main pair is in the wash.

Thanks. i honestly forgot about my pair until i put my red clouds into the wash and looked through my denim rack. they're a comfortable pair to put back on and there's something about the fabric that makes it feel really nice to touch. i only wear them in between other pairs.. turned out alright i'd say.

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