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Top 10 favorite foods...and from where

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Sorry Peeps but i'm hungry as f%$k so i figured i'd see what yall favorite foods are, and if you have a favorite joint to get from...

1-Toro Tuna- The belly of the Tuna Fish...if you aint tried it u aint lived..tough to get and $$$

2-Korean BBQ- Particularly Kalbi although Bulgolgi is equally nice..plenty of spots in Seoul..and a few dodgy joints around 33rs st NYC...also Arirang at Ocean Terminal Kowloon HK worth trying..

3-Shanghai Style Pork Dumplings...mystery bags...

4-Hercules (Chicken Dish)- The Pump- NYC

5-Chicken Enchilada- Holy Gucamole - Santa Monica

6-Buffalo Wings...anywhere the brew is good

7-Chicken Teriyaki- Chickens r'us- Tempe Az...are they still in business?

8-Tasti D'Lite Ice Cream- I know this shit will prolly kill me but damn thats some tasty shit

9-Red Bean- ANything and everything that has Red Beans in i loooove...Red Bean Pancakes are just nasty

10-Cajun Chicken Bagel- Pick a Bagel NYC...simple and quick and sooo tasty

P.S- Anyone tried Fugu Fish???

one life

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1. SMOKED MEAT SANDWICHES from schwartz's deli in montreal. altho, the hat makes a good pastrami sandwich too.

2. RAMEN from shinsen gumi hakata ramen in torrance, california.

3. HOT DOGS from top dog in san fran. 2nd place, gray's papaya in nyc.

4. KOREAN BBQ late night specials after 10pm in markham/toronto. all you can eat for $8.99 CDN. can't beat that. hodori in k-town cali comes 2nd place.

5. CUBAN CHICKEN SANDWICHES from this small cuban joint in edgewater, nj. so unhealthy but the bomb.

i'm hungry now.

Edited by sr20det on Sep 23, 2004 at 08:46 PM

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I only go local (whereever I am) icon_smile_wink.gif

1. Nasi Kandar from one of the hawker food stalls in Penang, Malaysia

2. Feijao Preto or Feijado preferrably prepared by Brazilian grandmum

3. Shoarma from Ben Cohen's in Amsterdam - still a classic! Say hello to Adam Curry

4. Massaman Kari Kai anywhere in Thailand, but the more south you go, the tastier it gets

5. Hot Chicken Sandwich from Cantarel in Amsterdam - crappy place, great sandwich

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yellow tail shashimi at nobu

rock shrimp temura at nobu

tofu buffalo wings at kates joint

nachos at mexican radio

shrimp pad tai at rice

coffee from the vendor on prince and braodway in the morning.

tiramisu or mud cake at yaffa

pizza at lombardi's

damn, i need to grab some food.

this post is evil.


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since living in seoul i have become a conneseur and my tastes for it are very picky BUT i did find a great spot in NYC! on 32nd after 5th ave? i think it's called Wine Bar, has a crazy white front entrance, very modern looking. unfortnatly the prices have been raised like 3 times since i started going and i can't really afford it anymore. Thier speciality is a wine soaked Song-gyop-Sol.. but the marinated Kalbi is muce much better.


the best ever was a walnut/ brownsugar i had in china (go figure) but the ones from Dumpling House on Eldridge can't be beat - + the seseme pancake kiss ass 2.


anywhere in NYC. i try to go someplace different every time but i usually end up walking across the street from my Apt.

Portugese food.

Yum, lobster and pieya?! um fortunatetly for teh city dwelers i had this in NJ at Don Pepe's. Da Bomb!

Rasberry cheese croisant -

Au Bon Pain. aaaahh summer. Iced coffee and RCC from Au Bon PAin = heaven

Bomboa in Boston.

anything on the menu is awsome. right around the corner from hard rock cafe? in the alley way.

mmmmmm. time to eat.

Edited by savage on Sep 25, 2004 at 01:40 PM

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oops forgot one:

CORN! from habana cafe (elizabeth and Prince) the f*ckin best!! hands down!

you must go here if you ever visit NYC!

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oops forgot one:

CORN! from habana cafe (elizabeth and Prince) the f*ckin best!! hands down!

you must go here if you ever visit NYC!

--- Original message by savage on Sep 25, 2004 10:11 AM

is that place on a corner where there's peeps sitting outside munching on roasted corn? nearby WK??

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yeah dude. theres always MAD people outside.. but WK is in LES right? this place is between broadway and bowery. the regular restaurant is on the corner and looks like a diner, but small. then there's a TO-Go place right next store.

prince/ elizabeth.

go now!

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Dylan Prime NYC ( 62 Laight Street )

32 oz Porterhouse w/ Herb Bearnaise sauce & Mushroom and Truffle chapeaux

The best steakhouse in NYC. Awesome atmosphere, even better steak.

Korean Tofu soup (any k-town)

its cheap and sooo good

Payard ( UES nyc )

unbeatable desserts

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yang nyum galbi in busan, south korea (marinated bbq ribs korean style - sublime. it's the first thing on their menu, which has 5 items only) haeundae am so galbi restaurant 051 746 3333 ( i tagged along some tokyo artists who had an amazing japanese made food guide to korea). 5 min walk from the marriot hotel

sample dessert plate at longrain, surry hills, sydney. 6-8 mini portions of desserts on&off the main menu. i always pre-order before i have their

caramalised pork hocks

and pork & prawn eggnet salad. wash down with the ping-pong lychee cocktail. chef martin boetz is pure genius.

chendol, street dessert at the stall in penang lane, penang, malaysia. every time i visit my folks in KL, i drive up (a few hours) for a bowl. it's the stall on the right of the lane (not the imitator opposite).

yellow curry special at prasits, crown street, surry hills.

green tea patbingsu dessert at kukje gallery's cafe in seoul.

dinner at tetsuya's, sydney.

custard whatchmacallit from richemont bakery in hongdae, seoul.

sorry, never caught it's name, it's always on the counter, wrapped in wax paper and only costs 900w (US$1). amazing.

syphon coffee at the coffee house in hongdae. i just love watching the way they make it. near ssamziespace. 02 335 7770

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in london

-BLT @ Pret a Manger

-Chicken Katsu Curry @ Wagamamas

-Greasy Donor Kebabs @ Star Kebab (Earls Court)

in san diego

-Surf n Turf Burrito @ JV's Mexican food

-actually any burrito/taco shop in san diego

-croissant scramble w/bacon @ influx cafe

-in n out burgers.. all of them!

in tokyo

-jotendon plate @ the various tenya restaurants

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favorite meals at favorite nyc places:

katz's deli - extra lean pastrami, little mustard on club bread with sour pickles and a big glass of dr. brown's black cherry soda with ice...as good as it always was.

corner bistro - bistro burger, side of fries, pint of mcsorleys...preferably at 2am on tuesday nights. note that the burgers arent as good as they used to be.

tomoe sushi - sashimi deluxe...hunking plate of the fish...all hella fresh...all hella good...worth every cent.

fresh - kobe tuna, order of pemaquid oysters on the half shell, glass of white wine...amazing, underrated seafood place in tribeca...unbelievably perfect tuna treated as if it were kobe beef.

bubbys - garlic burger, cooked medium with bubby's margarita (rocks, salt), with 2 sides of macaroni and cheese...followed up with a slice of sour cherry pie a la mode or chocolate peanut butter pie.

cafe habana - corn on the cob with cheese, garlic shrimp with yellow rice and red beans with a dos equis...just perfect.

chip shop - fried scallops and shrimp with chips, pint of old speckled hen...if you dont die of a heart attack...try the fried mars bar for dessert...walk home crying.

brick lane curry - fried garlic cauliflower appetizer, chicken tikka or madras...fuck, everything is amazing at this place.

bouley - black sea bass in a sea scallop crust, glass of lagavulin (neat), chocolate frivolous for dessert.

beso - saturday brunch...glass of strawberry juice, cafe con leche, latin eggs benedict (or crab cake empanada).

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Any kebab from Kebab House, Orchard, LES

Pie at Lombardi's-found better than Grimaldi's

Thai food at Sriprapai

Street food from Bangkok

Greek seafood in Astoria

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mussels with fries - florent

veggie burger - florent

grilled porkchop w/pork hash over rice - pho binh (jackson heights)

chicken pad thai - planet thai

cuban sandwiches - havana-chelsea

vietnamese sandwiches - pho bang (flushing)

mint choco chip brownies - fat witch

pollo ala brasa - flor de mayo

everything and poppyseed bagels - H&H

chicken with rice - my local "meat mafia" corner guy

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any chinese food---- from all good chinese restaurants

pizza- home made:P or at villa borghese

broodje mario---- sandwich at mario's @ utrecht, holland

one million billionth of a millisecond on a sunday morning

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-carna asada fries - any mexican taco shop in south san diego.

-kalua pig - DaKine's Plate Lunches.

-spam musubi - doesn't matter. usually home made.

-mom's spaghetti.

-tri-tip steak (roast) - usually from home

-any betty crocker Tuna Helper - my specialty!

-hookey on the beach sushi - sushi itto. downtown san diego.

-san diego pizza - pat and oscar's

-beef satay w/ peanut sauce. - this thai bbq restaurant in west covina, calif.

-3 mile island buffalo wings - Hooters

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wish i lived in the us, seen ur delis and man ur breakfasts are good, weird lookin sausages though but id prefer to live anywhere else food wise to be honest, what we got in old blighty(uk) is fish and chips, shepherds pie and fry ups, anything foreign and it means curry or chinese unless u wanna spend some serious wedge or live in a big city, but I have had some good chinese though but any sea food, my mums cooking, she's a chef(roast lamb, seriously good)or my nigerian housemates cooking, the fool throws every spice and herb ever grown into a dish but it still tastes great.

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Nasi Lemak - Chongpang, Yishun

BBQ Stingray - Takara, Newton

Duck rice with liver and egg - Cheok Kee, Serangoon

Chicken and cashew nuts - Shanghai restaurant, Causeway Bay

Roast Goose - Yung Kee, Lan Kwai Fong

Lobster Roll - Pearl Oyster Bar, West Village

Burger - Shakeshack, Madison Square Park

Kielbasa / Calabrese - Topdog, Berkeley

Bak Kuh Teh - Md Sultan

Halal Chicken and Rice - 53rd and 6th

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2 amy's pizza, DC

five guys burgers, dc

Chipotle chips (all chipotles)

Chipotle steak burrito

Amber jack sushi, san fran

Pizzetta, san fran

Malatalesta, NYC, west village

more but im tired.

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Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich and Ribs, Rocklands, Washington, DC (really miss this place!)

Pizza, Coppis, U Street, Washington DC

Soup Dumplings - Joe Shanghai, NYC

Xiao Long Pao - Jade Garden, Bangkok

Pho - Pho 24, Saigon

Chili Half Smoke - Ben's Chili Bowl, Washington, DC

Hainnese Chicken and Rice, Street Vendor on Soi 38 Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Dry Egg Noodles w/ Pork Wonton, Street Vendor on Soi 38 Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Kobe or Matsuzaka Steak, NY Steak House (JW Marriot), Bangkok

Japanese Cuisine, Torojiro, Soi 13 Thong Lor, Bangkok

Burgers, Nana Burger, Soi 4 Nana, Bangkok

Burgers, 5 Guys or Lindys on 2000 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC

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dark chocolate torte from charles bathurst in yorkshire

fresh langoustine from the la vivier, brittany, france

homemade burgers from the best quality shit i can find ( except the cheese which has to be low grade plastic yellow stuff ).

mums confit de canard bolognais

cant think of much more, cant spell foodstuffs.

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Can't think of ten but I know I could probably live happily on a combo of

- Brick Lane curry dinners

-my favorite pho for lunch

-Maisen Donkatsu sandwiches for snacks

-occasional Wagyu from Imahan in Ningyo-cho

-this excellent avocado-grapefruit salad from the defunct Good Day Cafe on Omotesando

-Tsukiji sushi in the morning

-tacos from the random trucks in LA.

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oysters on the half shell from sharkdaddys ( 25 cents each)

oysters on the half shell from tomsboat ($4 a dozen)

mobile taco stand ouside fiesta

CHINGO BLINGS tamales that he used to sell from his car ( caught him off 45 s in southeast houston a few times)

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thaiger noodles (drunken noodles) from thaiger room in seattle

pad thai from thaiger room in seattle

crab rangoon from thaiger room in seattle

pho w/ everything from than brothers in seattle

mole from mixtec in dc

eggs benedict from the logan tavern, dc

chili calamari from some place in philly

yuxiang rousi from small shack across from HIT in harbin china

any number of shuijiao from the jiaozi place across from HIT in harbin china

yangrouchuan from the street in harbin china

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oh man ive eaten too much good food in my life...here are some places that stick out at the moment

ethiopian food - blue nile, columbus, oh. who knew there was anything good in ohio...but this is the best ethiopian restaurant ive ever been to, beats anything ive had in ny, boston, or la. collard greens and cabbage = win

sushi - tsukiji at 6am is hard to beat. since that experience i havent had any desire to eat sushi in north america

thai - sawaddee, providence ri. tiny place, awesome people, food is incredible. massaman curry...oh and still the best tom yum goong ive had in america...

burrito - gordito burrito, providence ri. damn i love this place. burritos also seem to be excellent in most places in southern california.

ecuadorian - there was this place across the street from the holiday inn express in silverlake la that was so bomb. ceviche de camarones...pitcher of sangria...that was a nice afternoon.

indian - my mother's cooking is seriously better than any indian restaurant food ive had in america...and i prepare a mean fish curry myself.

ramen - best i ever had was some chashu ramen in nagasaki, i dont remember the name of the spot (too drunk) but i certainly do remember the ramen...and the gasoline-like shochu that was served with it...i dont even like pork but damn that shit was epic

kaiten-zushi - i totally miss that place on omotesando in harajuku down the street from dior...

bakery/patisserie (japan) - japanese preferences in bread are weird, it seems they prefer the bread to be a little wet/soggy. but my favorite is pan no mimi in kyoto...so ill that apparently a manga was based on them or something...incredible croissants.

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