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FAQ - Guide to threads on major cities (Tokyo, LA, NYC, London, Paris)

mike lowrey

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listed below are the best and most informative threads on some of the most discussed cities in superjetset. check the links before asking a question, and if you still need information, use one of the previous threads (the most active one, preferably) to write your questions in.

asking obvious questions and making repetitive threads that already exist will result in a warning. if you make a new york or tokyo thread, you will be punched in the ear and then banned :o

for additional threads on a city, use the advanced search. for example search for both "nyc" and "new york", search within thread titles and select superjetset.


Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo in 4 days

"atelier nyc" style shops in Tokyo

This is where I talk about my Tokyo shopping experience

Disturbing and/or Perverse things to do

Clubbing in Tokyo

Good restaurants in tokyo

Apartments in Tokyo

Sushi in Tokyo

Hair salons

All the goth ninja shopping you can handle (from stylezeitgeist)

Tokyo Superguide in PDF (its worth it)


Japan - out of Tokyo - informative discussion on other japanese cities

Osaka <3 - general discussion

Osaka or Tokyo?

Kyoto in 3 days


Hong Kong

Going to HK - extensive

What to Do in Hong Kong for 9 days - food, shopping, nightlife...

New Years in Hong Kong (and China)

Bespoke suit in Hong Kong

Advice on HK shopping

Outlet shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Good Eats / Best Dim Sum

China and Taiwan

Shanghai guide

Shopping in Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Where to go - Shanghai or Taipei

Traveling to Shanghai - places to stay

Heading to Beijing

Beijing - random discussion

Trains from Beijing to Shanghai?

Taipei Shopping only

Asia / Southeast Asia / other

Seoul, Korea (general discussion)

What to do in Seoul for 5 days

Eating my way through Seoul

Moving to the Philippines

Kuala Lumpur

New York

NYC for three days. shops, eats, entertainment

Cool shops in New York...

New York shopping - partly old info, partly new

New York on the Cheap

best NYC street vendor / fast food

Recommendations for well designed and moderately priced HOTELS in NYC

Ramen in NYC - all legendary 8 pages!

Strip clubs in NYC

Good NYC salons

New York hostels

New York rents?

Los Angeles

First time in LA - extensive info on food, shopping and other interest

LA without a car - extensive info on getting around LA

Recommended stores in LA (fashion oriented)

in LA, need a place to eat tonight

Eating in LA

LA Nightlife

Japanese areas in LA (Little Tokyo, Sawtelle)

Moving to Los Angeles

San Francisco

Your SF picks - extensive info on shopping, eating etc.

San Francisco - places to eat and stay?

San Francisco...

Hotels in SF

San Francisco nightlife

Moving to SF

Other US cities

Best shopping and stores in Chicago

Philadelphia, PA

Philly food


Paris trip

1 day in Paris

Places to Hit in Paris

Paris from 3.3-10.3

my paris shopping experiences/thoughts

hotels in Paris

Moving to Paris

Late Night (drunk?) Food in Paris


London - general discussion

London: bars, design and fashion - highly informative

11 hours in London

Moving to London

Studying in London


working in London

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