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I really didn't find the place to be all that interesting. The whole city is full of sketchy people. The scenery isn't, like, all that amazing compared to Paris and some other European cities.

Sorta felt this way too.

Saw simo cell play at Cross Club, definitely a cool spot, but 90% of the crowd just seemed like degenerates with nowhere better to go. Skate shoes, hoodies, smoking cones in the park out front. Really did not rate the atmosphere.

And yeah, I feel it's no more beautiful a place than say, Vienna.

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honestly, cross club is not really place you would find any ppl from sufu.


yes the decoration is something you won't see elsewhere. 


the origins of the club and the decoration is rooted in french-tek culture, so yeah junkies with skateshoes, rolled brim caps, military surplus pants and loose hoodies with soundsystem patches. he decoration was made by one of the tekno tribe members, because they let him.

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