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The World's Most Stylish Bands


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Dirty Pretty Things


Kings of Leon even though they were former hipsters who copped their style from European tours


and of course Franz Ferdinand who are pretty much effortless and are dickridden like crazy


edit: Pixies for least stylish band but who gives a fuck cuz they were by far the best 80's band


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st vincent is that chick you see at whole foods and you freeze up and youre either gonna stare or look away quickly and keep checkin her out and for some reason youre mad interested in what shes buying and then as she walks away the possbility of marriage with this woman pops up in your head cause you know without even knowing her that shes a great cook mad fucking interesting and probably at least decent in bed. fuck yea.

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God damn... most of the bands/artists posted thus far dress like shit and terrible music to boot. The whole first post in this thread makes me want to barf. I got a lot of love for Os Mutantes but they aren't very stylish... they are usually dressed really mediocre civilian style or completely over the top costume shit.

Serge Gainsbourg


La Monte Young


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