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Top 5 Stock you'd buy

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I think any retail corp is a good buy right now.. primarily ones that are still strong.

A lot of companies who are doing relatively okay have also suffered lower stock prices simply because all the companies around them are falling apart.

A good example is the company I work for, Best Buy. We aren't doing really really shitty (we sold more this black friday than we have the last 3 years and our ad was a lot shittier). Our stock went from $46 a share to its current $18-22 price due to the scare of similar companies (Circuit City) not doing so hot.

BB isn't doing too bad.. I think now would be a pretty good time to buy but the best time is probably going to be at the end of Feb right before they release their earnings..

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Real investors aren't lazy. You're just a moron.

"A fool and his money are soon parted."

edit: anyways i'm a dick. to contribute-

the reason why that line of thinking is bad, is that at this point, nobody really knows where the economy is headed, but most people agree that we haven't hit anywhere near the bottom. We can point to any number of indicators, such as gas prices, food staple prices, raw material prices, etc. simply as supporting evidence. aka constant struggle 10char

Also, each investor should thoroughly research any stock they throw their money at. That's just baseline common sense.

It doesn't matter where the economy is headed because the stock market has never been a completely accurate representation of the market, it's all just speculation.

While everyone knows the economy is in shits and could get worse (2 quarters of GDP decrease now), the market is still acting like it's having a convulsion (rapid ups and downs). Now is a great time to buy, just because you don't buy at the absolute bottom (aka timing the market), doesn't mean you'll be in a bad position on the way up. It's better to buy Apple at say $90 even though it has the potential to go to $70 because once the economy picks up, it'll be a $200 stock anyways.

Either way, buy companies that provide basic needs (Wal-Mart, any grocery store chain). People aren't going to stop eating because the economy is down, these are some of the few companies that will experience growth as well as any company that provides opportunities for businesses to cut costs (Cisco conference calling anyone?)

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