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I want to find a size 28 or 29 Flathead Balder...if anyone is selling that let me know. I still have size 27 Flathead Balder jeans from ebay and they're probably my favorite jeans on the days when I fit into them but they were always borderline too tight.

This is Somet 008 size 29 which I found in a measurement search tool, technically a men's jean but I love it and it has a low front rise, low back rise,and waist/thigh ratio similar to Flathead Balder...it's satisfying my urge to wear something that isn't skin tight and I love how it stacks over boots 




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Just stumbled across Mrs F’s old APCs today (Petit Standards I think), which have had lots of wear and a very unSufu washing regime. Not great light but here’s a few snaps.




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"and then i came home from work early to find my husband taking photo's of my old jeans on the dining room floor"

...says Mrs F to the marriage guidance councillor

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On 4/5/2019 at 12:12 PM, Taylor_RFG said:

At Railcar we released the X008 American Cone Mills White Oak stretch selvedge in our high waist Donna fit.

Donna X008



Am I missing measurements for any of these jeans?

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Posted (edited)

My girlfriend Heather is petite. She manages a consignment clothing store in our resort town valley, and also does private fashion/style consulting, and has done some modelling. She has a hard time finding clothing that fits her small frame, especially jeans, as she's a size 23. She has a tiny frame and is muscular and has curves, just small muscles and small curves. I know some of Levi's cuts work well for some women. When I showed them to her on-line, she politely scoffed. I bought her a couple pairs to try on: skinny fit in medium and high rise. They fit her amazingly well! She looks stunning in them. We've bought other pairs in different colors: black, grey and white ('cuz... fashion...) 

Here're pics of her size 23 jeans on top of my RJBxTFHx sized 34 jeans: 



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