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FS: Original Issued N3B Parka, N4B Mittens and B-9B Hat

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I’d like to try and sell this as a set before I bust it up and list it on ebay.

The Jacket: 1962 Type N3B Jacket, Flying Men’s’ Nylon Twill Size XL

This one was made by the Southern Athletic Co., Inc

The DSA number is DSA-1-418-C-62

It has the Air Force stencil (nice and bright) on the left arm. It has the real coyote/wolf fur collar in excellent shape. Overall the jacket is in great condition. It does have some issued wabi you would expect from a 40+ year old jacket. There is virtually no fading on the jacket. On both the left and right chest there is the name “Nichols†written in dark marker that blends in pretty well with the jacket. Unless the jacket is completely zipped you can’t see the name. Apparently this is pretty common among issues jackets and adds to the character and wabi of the jacket. Comar zips throughout.

The Gloves/Mittens: Shell Glove Aircrew Mitten Type N-4B Size Large

These are made by the Aviators Clothing Co.


The mittens are in great shape. The leather palms are in awesome condition. The acrylic fur on the backs of the gloves are also in great condition. They are complete with the wool liners. Both the liners and over-mitts carry the Air Force stencil.

I’m not real sure of the date on these mittens but I would guess early 60’s.

The Hat: 1964 Helmet, Flying, Winter Type B-9B Size Medium


Made by the Martin Lane Co.

The hat is also in great shape. The acrylic fur is awesome. No fading on the hat. Complete with chinstrap.

Again…I’d like to try and sell this as a set. The mittens look awesome tied to the drawstrings on the jacket. If you are going for the “Ice Station Zebra†or “The Thing†look then you need this jacket. Buzz Rickson’s sells a like version of this jacket for $945 or so. I’m asking $350 for this original set. Shipping to the US is included. Shipping outside the US will be at cost. Paypal Please.

Contact me at Twistedstrings at gmail dot com

Note: I should be able to get up some pics in the next couple of days. My camera is on the lame and I should be able to shoot some photos with a friend’s camera this evening.

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