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Has anyone been to the situationormal shop in LA?

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Hi all:

A quick question from a newbie.

If there is anyone who has been to the situationormal flagship(formally snafu),

please tell me the what the shop is like. What do they carry? What would be

the easiest way to get there? Where should I park? Sorry for all the questions.

I've twice attempted to get there from San diego and failed.

I don't know why I keep on getting lost but I guess that's because of my

horrible sense of directionicon_smile_shy.gif

we need more shops in san diego

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Hi DS,

Judging from your posts I wonder whether you have the store's actual address and contact numbers:


120 West 4th Street


(213) 924-1876

Give 'em a call for directions.


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Thanx for the reply!!

I obtained the address from a Japanese magazine called "boon"

about three months ago. I plugged it into Mapquest.com and obtained

directions on how to get there. For some reason, I've failed to reach there

on all my attempts. I'll try calling them the next time I head up. I dunno

why I didn't do so before..

Man, I've even asked employees from Xlarge and Union LA on getting there

and failed to do so each time. Maybe I was too busy trying to not hit

the homeless w/ my rideicon_smile_tongue.gif

If there is anyone who has actually been to the flagship, I would greatly

appreciate it if someone can tell me what kind of stock they have. A couple

months before situationormal opened, i was told by a friends that they

may carry Japanese brands such as bal(balanceweardesign) and hectic(realmadhectic)

I was wondering if there was any truth to this.

we need more shops in san diego

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I finally got a chance to actually visit the flagship.

It was quite nice IMHO. The service was super nice

and the gear was just wonderous. The funny part was that I actually

had to ring a door bell just to get in. Here are a couple of brands

that they carry:

Daggers drawn


situationormal (snafu)


lush life


One true saxon

mad foot




pro (from a designer from situationormal)

The employee told me that they were expecting

a shipment from madhectic and bal this week.

They currently have a 50% off section for those

who might be interested in visiting. They have

stuff fresher than union and won't give you attitude

like union. Other than the location and the poor

parking, I was quite satisfied with my visit.

On a side note, they are expecting to open a select

shop for women called "kendo" within the month.

we need more shops in san diego

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