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Anybody interested in Gravis Tarmacs for mad Cheap $$??

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I don't know if there are any Gravis Fans out here... but most sneaker heads seem to have a respect for and own a pair of Gravis's.

Anyway.. i've come into a TON, and I mean a ton of Gravis's. So many so that I cant even begin to list the colors because i don't even know what's available. But a lot of them are Tarmacs.

If anyone is interested i'll sell them for $30 plus the shipping cost to where ever you are. They are all new in box, real and come with the Gravis bag.

just let me know a size and some color prefrences and i'll see what is available! like i said there are tons of color ways i havent even unearthed yet!

if you're interested just PM me on superfuture or email me via at [email protected] and put Gravis in the subject line.

here is a pic of what Tarmacs are in case you don't know them.


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what coulorways do you have in US 9?

these are one of my all-time favourite *everyday* sneakers: comfortable, durable and very underrated (at least outside japan).

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Sass, I just told you I don't know... there are really waaaay too many for me to just go thru. If you're interested just give me a prefernce list of colors that you would want and i will then go in and see what i can find in a 9.

is that cool??

just email me ([email protected]) like 5 colors you'd want them in and i'll see if there are any that match that description in 9.

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Edited by Dolo on May 17, 2005 at 08:50 PM

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