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Not Diabro, Diablo


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lvl 60 DH... stuck @ first quest in act 4 inferno...

Kiting is fun... but when elite mob is immune minions or teleport or extra fast... im fuckkkkkkkkkkked....

farming for rares is a bitch....

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sans auction house you're pretty much fucked and even there you never really know how much better the gear your spending gold on will be that much better than what you got...

this game has serious balancing issues (certain modifier combinations should just not be possible on elites) fuck kiting

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i love the diablo series to death, but shit like this makes me hate.


i'm not even a wizard and this is infuriating. i'm actually amazed this piece of shit even dropped; i'm a witch doctor who gets 99.8% demon hunter loot all of the time.

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^ found a few 900s so far from that. funny i paid $60 to let tyrael farm elites for me

AH is definitely fuxing with diablo economy

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i'm buying a new PC to run diablo and SC2, I mainly want to be able to run D3 on medium/max settings, which of these PC's would be best? trying to stay at $500 or less.



dude if you want to get a gaming rig just build one. I put together a much more powerful machine from parts on newegg for only about $150 more than that.

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My monk can't hang in act2.

Butcher runs and goblin farming is too boring :(.

Can't wait for 1.0.3.

Anyone trying to play HC? Just lost my monk from disconnecting. Add me: illMATTic#1444

I have a level 18 Barb, almost died earlier from lag.

HC is where it's at imo.

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Guest Methimphibian

that sounds like very low dps for a monk, my lvl 54 wiz is at 8k dps. really hating the IAS nerf, i mean damage wise i'm still hitting critical orbs around ~22k, but base dps went way down fuck. really surprised they did that. starting to struggle through act II of hell, just wish I could get boots better than 12% MS, i can barely kite elite packs.

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Hell mode is really easy, I only had trouble with Diablo really. IAS nerf hardly touched me, lol, I didn't stack it like everyone else did.

But I need to farm better. If anybody wants to help, hit me up. I got a 60 wiz and about to have a 60 DH.


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