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Dior Homme jeans for sale: 4 denim & 1 corduroy

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OK. Since I got way too many jeans, I have decided to let go 5 DH stuff here since they seem to be so popular here. Prices will exclude postage which will be from Singapore.

Rest assured I do not aim to stiff buyers by putting up high postage, insurance & handling charges.

BTW my negative rep got nothing to do with my veracity as a seller. I am a first time seller here but over the past year or so, I have purchased many stuff from many people here with no problems.

BBTW I dont sell fakes. I dont know where to get fake DH stuff and all of these stuff are obtained from ebay or here.

So without further ado:

1. Raw Indigo 28. $160.

Well worn by previous owner here but I couldn't fit into it. Dont like the muffin look. I was told this is a 21 cm but measurements seems to show its a 19 cm. So call it what you want.

Waist: 32 inches

Leg hem: 18.5 cm

Full length: 108.5 cm

Inseam: 9.5 inches

2. Raw Indigo 30 19 cm SOLD.

In better condition than above but really stiff on my thighs as in 1 squat and jeans will tear

Waist: 33.75 inches

Leg hem: 17 cm

Full length: 105 cm

Inseam: 10 inches

3. Grey 31 19 cm.

Faded distress grey $215.

With white faded patches on the thighs. Note this is not the same silver grey like the dauphins. Selling because I've got a few more grey jeans I like better including grey with glitter. Wore this 3 times max!

Waist: 34.5 inches

Leg hem: 19.5 cm

Full length: 102.5 cm

Inseam: 10 inches

4. Green-Blue-Whitish 30 (but fits like 28) 19 cm $360.

Unique colour that photos dont do justice. This is a sample piece so even though its stated as 30, its much much smaller. Would never sell it if I could wear it. Have never been able to find this colour on ebay. Willing to trade for something similar.

Waist: 32 inches

Leg hem: 17.5 cm

Full length: 106.75

Inseam: 9.5 inches

5. Navy blue corduroy 30 21 cm $180.

Normal cords. Selling because I got 2 better DH cords and I dont wear this no more. Navy bluish kind of colour.

Waist: 32.5 inches

Leg hem: 19.5 cm

Full length: 99.5 cm

Inseam: 9 inches

Note about measurements:

For waist its done with jeans buckled and measured from the inside. I believe this will make it more accurate. Of course jeans have some stretch in it.

Inseam measured from top to right at the bottom where all the threads join.

Pictures in next post. Please feel free to ask about pictures or measurements but dont ask me to wear em because my legs, thighs and ass are bigger than a normal person who wears size 30 jeans like me.

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