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denimheads questionnaire

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There's a big 'Denim;the fabric of our lives' exhibition at 'the hub' , the National Design Centre in Sleaford, England starting 28th June 2008. (thehubcentre.org) I have a list of questions which will form part of the show and I'd appreciate if anyone would like to contribute. Please mail them to me at [email protected]. Thanks!

List six words you associate with denim.

What made you fall in love with denim and what is it about it

that fascinates you?

Name your favourite piece of denim, or brand/designer that

works with denim, and explain why this is so.

Why is denim the most widely used and popular clothing

fabric in current use across the world?

Why is indigo the most popular dye for denim?

What’s your favourite song title or lyric that refers directly to

denim (e.g. Venus in Blue Jeans)?

Which movie best sums up what denims are in popular :)


What do you consider a denim crime?

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