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What are you listening at right now


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  1. Lipstick Gypsy â€“ Infatuation – Epic
  2. Cottam â€“ B 001 – Cottam
  3. Dedication â€“ Pito Deep – Mule Musiq
  4. The Pendletons â€“ Gotta Get Out – Voltaire Records
  5. Ensemble Entendu â€“ Pull Da Plug – Astro Nautico
  6. Chance The Rapper â€“ All Night (Kaytranada Remix) – Soundcloud
  7. Gold link â€“ Rough Soul (Yung Bae Family Cookout Version) – Soundcloud
  8. D Train â€“ Keep On – Prelude Records
  9. Jimi Jules â€“ It’s Me, Music – Zukunft Recordings
  10. Carol Shinnette â€“ Cyanide Love – Optune Records


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  1. Mura Masa â€“ Love Sick Feat. A$AP Rocky (Four Tet Remix) – Mura Masa PS
  2. Hector Plimmer â€“ Kalimba – Albert’s Favourites
  3. Pharrell – Frontin (Lotso Remix) – Soundcloud
  4. Platinum Pied Pipers â€“ Deep Inside (Instrumental) – Ubiquity
  5. Led Zeppelin â€“ Ramble On (Souleance Re-Edit) – Soundcloud
  6. Romare â€“ All Night – Ninja Tune
  7. Howard Johnson â€“ Keepin Love New (Coutel Edit) – Soundcloud
  8. Mark Ronson â€“ Heavy And Rolling Feat. Andrew Wyatt (Kon Remix) – Soundcloud
  9. Shay Lia â€“ So Brand New – Soundcloud
  10. KA-YU â€“ Furacao (Yung Kayubesi) – Soundcloud


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Meme songs seem to actually be p good these days

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1. Everything 00:00
2. Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride) 04:20
3. Tears 8:51
4. Chasing Yesterday 14:27
5. Let's Talk (feat. Timecop1983 & Josh Dally) 18:22
6. Arcade Summer 23:24
7. Wild Ones (feat. Ollie Wride) 27:23
8. Don't Want To Change Your Mind (feat. Ollie Wride) 31:52
9. Atlas (Interlude) 36:20
10. Jupiter 37:15
11. Goodbye (feat. Clive Farrington) 42:56

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