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Sugar Cane Denim


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On 9/2/2023 at 2:48 AM, indigoeagle said:

So now we can see the the new patch design.
It is based on end of 19th, beginning of 20th century woven ones like the Stronhold one.



Sugar Cane Patch.png

very interesting. looks like another "replica boom" era is returned.

really want to know the new fabric indeed. rivets, buttons, patch etc are easy to replicate, but the "fade" is the hardest to see.

wondering if they are more toward the vintage 501 direction(thin, soft, smooth colour rendering, less grainy, more continued verticle falls) or more japanese amecaji interpreted (thicker & heavier, more slubs, more wrinkles or marble fade, stiffer etc) this time..

or simply put, less spun or strong spun this time..?

made in usa this time?


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Finally got around to getting these Okinawas hemmed. I purchased from Self Edge a few years ago and these jeans really hold a special place in my heart.

Firstly, these represent kind of an homage to my first pair of unsanforized jeans, the SExSC06, which devoted followers of my ancient post history here will remember were gifted to a Japanese high schooler that lived next to me 12 or so years ago. 

They’re also an homage of sorts to my father, who has many pairs of my old jeans. As a child he lived on the island of Okinawa for a time during the Korean war.

I just love all of the details on these jeans and I’m over the moon with the fit. You’ll have to excuse the mess as we’ve a 3 year old wreaking havoc on the home daily. I threw in a vintage Taco Bell dog plushie we found lying around as an Easter egg for you. 



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I know that Sugarcane have stopped putting tabs on their jeans a while ago, but l was hoping for one on this pair as they are directly copied from a pair of S501XX. I can go with no arcs as they are a war model, but no tab might make it a deal breaker for me. Shame.


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I'm a little disappointed in the lack of tabs as well, I can understand no arcs but it seems like so many other brands are using tabs now.
Maybe they're pulling a fast one on us and the production run will have them. 🤞

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Need some advice on sizing please. I am wearing W33 for the Hawaiis. Perfect fit at the top block with lots of room at knee and below (I am new to wide leg jeans.  For the 42966, should I expect more/ less room for top and bottom compared to the Hawaiis?  Thinking whether to same size or size down to W32 for 42966?

On a side note, is there resource written explaining all those 46/47/66 etc cut for sugarcane or Levi’s?  Did a quick google  search without useful reference.  


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I’ve never worn (or even tried on) the Sugar Cane ‘66 model but from what I’ve read, it should be fine to size down by 1” on them as long as the waist will fit - so you’ll have to do some homework on that measurement (plenty of info scattered around this thread, plus vendors charts). They should have a loose top block with a higher rise than the Hawaii but a tapered lower leg. 

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Did anyone happen to pick up the latest edition of Lightning (vol. 355)?
There are a couple of pages in it that outline the details on the upcoming 43 and 46 tuxes, if anyone has them I'd love to see the details!
Tried browsing the web for a scan but didn't come up with anything, and the last time I went to our local Japanese bookstore they had gotten rid of most of their Lightning stuff.

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