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Your Lifestyle - Top Ten List

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I'm gonna re-post here, because my shit has changed.

~no specific order~

1. Bikez

2. Skinny Chickz (tall or short)

3. Chickz with mad steez

4. Makin' sure I have mad steez

5. Ol' Dirty Bastard

6. Accessories (jewelry, etc.)

7. Ice Cream Sales associate (current occupation)

8. Enjoying "Alone time"

9. Sufu

10.Buying clothes online makes me feel cool

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• macbook pro — i can't use any other machine and certainly not any other operating system.

• frappé — frappe is an ice coffee we drink in greece, it's perfect for summer. it's the kind of coffee you sit around at a cafe for hours while talking and smoking, which brings me to the next...

• cigarettes — preferably marlboro wides, but they're hard to find in the states. so reds or in some cases lights do it for me.

• iphone — my music, email, photos, contacts, sms, et al. pretty much my entire life in one device. as cliché as it sounds, it's a life necessity for me.

• olympiakos jersey — grew up a big football fan. olympiakos has been my team since i was little

• komboloi — "worry beads", something i usually keep in my pockets to swing around when i'm absolutely bored out of my mind

• dior 19cm — wearing any other cut feels weird to me. haven't worn any other jeans for a while

• passport — i love to travel and experience other cultures

• twitter — fool around with my friends, post what's on my mind, whatever...i don't like the idea of dedicating to a blog so twitter is perfect for me

• family — this needs no explanation

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not bringing my laptop everyfucking were like i used to


getTING TICKETS FOR SHIT Ill never attend

not having a cell phone (big one)


actting with dirty hair

actting with dirty hair and no cell phone

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