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Samurai Jeans


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I have a quick question for anyone who's ordered a 2008 model, I tried to search this thread but 4.0 search seems to rarely turn up results now. Are all 2008s lot 11 ( I assume so but just want confirmation)? I'm looking at picking up some 130xjs which are back in production for 2008 but I want to make sure I won't have the same sizing issues I've had with some of my lot 10s.

I don't think it's uniform...it will depend on where you're ordering from and their current stock. I ordered from BiG last week and the jeans are Lot 11. Maybe what you could do is call in your order and have them check which lot it is for you. The employees are super nice and helpful.

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is it correct to assume the new 2nd 710s 15oz will be made with texas cotton?

thanks for info turntabloid

yes! it's the same 15 oz texas denim used with the samurai x 2nd 5000XX.

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I am not sure what happened to my post but probably deletd.

how many times do i need to soak/hot wash/dryer to get all the shrinkage out? the 0500xx is still too big for me when I downsized one from my natural waist. It's making me contemplate whether I should go for a size 27 instead or sell it away all together; so much hassle

it was unfortunate i didn't get a mousepad from 2nd either, what a bummer

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Posting again since I don't know what happened to my old one. Crappy ass sufu.

Anyways, I just finished doing my first hotwas + second dryer session and it came out considerably smaller. It's good, but after putting it on it's not the fit that I wanted since I wanted a more snuggish taper and I am thinking maybe a size 27 would be good since it would stretch out considerably good.

I have a LOT10 S0500xx, are there any defaults like those of the S710xx batches? I am giving it one more boiling hot soak and then another dryer session and then I am going to see how the fit turns out. I don't think our dryer in the apt is hot enough. WHen it's done there are some spots in the jeans are still kind of damp.

I'll take a fit pic later on to see what you guys think.

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even if they were goofy lot 10 they should actually be smaller so it sounds like you need a 27 if your not happy with the fit. try and hot soak then hot wash then dryer for a bit and if they are still too big for your liking sell them.

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I really don't think you're going to see the taper you want even with a size 27.


It's a very insignificant decrease from 28 to 27 as far as I can tell. But I don't see how you're going to get much more of a taper with anything but slim/skinny jeans.

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yea, those are it^

it may not seem that significant from a 28 to a 27, but I think the waist i have now should be a little more snug. As of now, it sits comfortably on my waist, although it takes a minute to button the top button, but possible, and it doen't constrict my waist.

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would be really interested to see more pics of those!

Your wish is my command. To anyone interested in these: they run smaller than the S5000 with zero denim. Almost true to tagged size, so I would size up if you have S5000VX and they fit snugly. I cuffed the jeans PRIOR to the soak to about where I'd want them to fall on my shoes, which left about a inch cuff, and after the soak I only needed about a 2in cuff. So they shrank up but not a ton. I wore them during the soak because I already had trouble with the top button so waist shrinkage was pretty negligible.

These are the first samurai that I've soaked (I own three pairs) that REALLY could stand up on their own afterwards. They are STIFF. Comparing them to a pair of oni shoai they're actually less slubby and the slubs appear to come up less from the surface although there are more rogue knots.

These jeans scream quality - gold and orange stitching everywhere, double chainstitched inseam that is a single piece of thread from the left cuff to the right cuff, many little details, etc. I was most impressed with the back pocket bag liners. They are not ever really even visible but that samurai went to the effort of lining the back pockets with such attractive material speaks volumes.

One more note - the tote bag is really useless (for me at least - I would never sport it). I included some photos of it so you can see how small it is. It's really more like a women's clutch bag. Not sure what denim variant was used to construct it but it's not the AI-10SP denim.

Anyways, on to the pix and more if requested.







rogue knots :)




Selvage on the button fly material:


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Oops I meant to say initial I had a FOUR inch cuff and now just two. So about 2in of length shrinkage...

gold buttons - different types:




Here's some photos of the tote bag too, taken next to a 1L wine bottle so you have some idea of its size:


Evidently levis cares less about red tabs if they're not on jeans :)



If anyone is interested in the tote, I'm willing to part with it. My wife isn't interested (too small and not her style) so I'd like it to go to a loving home where it will be used for a long time :)

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hot soak, dry, then hot wash, and dry again, and then maybe hot soak again. and then hang dry. and you should be fine. hotter the water, and the more dry they are between soaks/washes means the more shrinkage

my kind of guy...i love boiling denim.

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Just gave my 710's their secong wash(at 60). and they shrunk alot. I thought they were fully shrunk, I only measured the hem and it shrunk from 8" to 7,5(and I've hot soaked them like 4 times plus washed them before. they are drying now. I'll post pics when they are dry

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