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i figure it'd be unwise to restrict it geographically, after all, it'd be way less interesting if it was just the same five shops in brisbane or australia. do give some reason behind your answers. also, I guess it'd be prudent to tell us where these shops are. diatribes welcome.


1. don't come (melbourne, australia)

i guess i just really dig schwipe. if i could, it would be all i'd ever wear. unforts, they don't make shoes (as far as I can tell) and their jeans are waaayyy too long in the crotch, not to mention that in brisbane they only get the shirts in one colourway and it's not always ideal. plus the place itself (cavernous loft hidden behind a service entry and flight after flight of neon-lit stairs) and the gallery (neckface show on the 24th of january) pretty much amounts to my favourite place in the world ever.


2. violent green (brisbane, australia)

tons of sweet duds; only place in oz (is it ok to call it that? i was born here) I've ever seen christian joy, wowch, okay!, des rusk or pete vs. toby, but maybe i don't look hard enough, whatever. tons of sweet accessories - jewellery, eyewear, headwear, belts, whatever, but especially shoes - and concert tickets as well. also lomos, if you like that sort of thing. owned and operated by the sweetest dudes in the freakin' galaxy (they all hang out and go to gigs and parties together like a bikie gang too). plus the murals in the fitting stalls (by HAW) are good for a giggle. also, they have that yoshitimo nara ashtray which inspired me to take up smoking in the first place.


3. the outpost (briz)

i cannot tell you how difficult it was to choose the order of #2 and #3, in the end i went with total expenditure at each, which might actually have changed after this huge sale they had this weekend. never ceases to make me (pretty reliably XS, maximum S, and also the hugest nerd ever) feel like a jock what with the brands i've never heard of (the latest in a long list was wonderful design works, which reminds me i should pick up that rainbow lightning shirt) and zines i've never heard of (they carry duke and monster children among heaps i'd feel retardedly fake trying to buy, as well as good old ubiquitous vice) and records i have heard of but haven't seen anywhere else (e.g. on/oxx which i couldn't even find at their shows). also, preferred cheap monday stockist (though i was given pause by the sheer range they have at bobby's cuts, more on that later). again, owned by the sweetest of sweet dudes and dudettes.


4. blonde venus (brisbane)

oh my sweet lord! one of those boutique-type places that actually has stuff i would wear! deserves inclusion purely on the strength of fred perry, dr. denim and surface to air. plus they've had american apparel since before it got sold to the white man for a handful of beads. the only problem with relying so heavily on these last three stores, given that they together account for pretty much all of my clothes and that they each sell a different, self-sufficient style, is that you will at least once come in and be wearing the same outfit as a mannequin.


5. bobby's cuts (melbourne)

though i'm pretty sure i've heard of some other place that sold clothes laid out like a butcher's somewhere before (i think it was the adicolor booklet), it is a neat schtick, especially seeing as i used to work in a place that sold meat laid out like a butcher's. like i said earlier, cheap mondays in all colours of the rainbow, plus pretty much everything hem + haw do, which i guess you could get from most stores in oz (there it is again!), but whatever, it's not like that makes it a bad idea. for readers who have been keeping score, thom grogan, the proprietor on the left up there, was the guy in the australian entry for that fashions around the world around the world article in vice.

honourable mentions (and why they got pipped to the post): apartment (too skaterish), fat (too annoyingly general pants-ubiquitous, though it has nice gear), le marais (too expensive)

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-10 corso como


-pov beams


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