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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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Just got my DC4001s which immediately became the best fitting and one of the best detailed pair of jeans I have ever bought! I have a new size 33" x 34" never worn if anyone is interested (can find them in Supermarket) which i'm selling for $300 ($100 off since they're hemmed to 34").

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It fits slim but it's really the fit I was looking for... Hopefully I'll be able to use the knife pocket somewhere soon (thighs are too thight as of now)... Been wearing these since Friday - slept in them as well... Only one .gif can describe the experience:


And more pics (I went true to size btw - 32).



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thanks for the compliments guys..

they're a size 29

hem measures 7.3

for reference I have strike golds in 29, fh310's in 30 and sexdbxs09's in 30..

top button is painful in these..30 would have been ideal.

stoked to pair these with my IHW-02 on the way :)

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Alright. I have a sizing question. I want a pair of 634s but its a 28 (its from the MP), and I have no clue as to whether it will fit me. I usually wear a 28/29 in denim, a 28 I'm flathead fits the best if that helps. In nudies I wear a 28 in nudies.

Also, I won't need to soak the jeans before wearing right? Cause I know they are sanforized.

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