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Mini-Guide to Shops in HK

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This is by no means complete, and only has a couple stores of interest, but here it is so far

i will update it as i stumble on new places.

In the same building as concept shop in tsim sha tsui there is a store called 'genius'.

I wasn't able to go in [wasn't open yet] but from the window it looked like they sell a lot of supreme gear. If your heading to concept you might as well check that out, its on the floor directly below concept. There some other interesting stores in the winning commercial building, but nothing as good as genius or concept shop.

Of particuliar interest is that there are 2 hysteric glamour shops [hysteric glamour and hg mini]

in the Harbour City Centre.

There is a chrome hearts store in the prince building.

Also, in the silvercourt centre in kowloon there is are montage, x-large, G.D.C and double park and some other clothing shops.

Only one DP is listed on superfuture's guide, but really they are in any big mall you would go to.

They are a huge chain. Personally, the selection is not to my taste and they only stock a few brands/items i like, but its still worth a look. They stock recon,subware,x-large,obey,zoo york, etc.

And it seems ad:hoc has gone under since i was here :(

Thier branch in central [which i would assume to be the main one] has closed and thier other one in landmark [another large mall] has closed and it was nowhere to be seen at festival walk.

This leads me to believe that it is most likely out of business.

Don't shun the bigger malls even though thier filled with a lot of mainstream and boring stores,

you might just find something great!

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gosh, i haven't shopped in hong kong since i get all the great stuff i need from paris and milan! i don't find the selection by the new breed of buyers in hong kong particularly inspiring.

did you check out IT? (see: http://www.ithk.com) they're ad:hoc's competitor, in fact, IT first came up with their concept store for the young and trendy looks and when joyce was recovering from the asian crisis recession, they decided to launch a subdivision, ad:hoc to attract the younger fashion-passion conscious market. it proved a money-loosing venture for them though, and IT's still dominating that market segment.

i normally shop for electronics and dvds/cds in hong kong - they're still not too badly priced.

baby, we're all beautiful!

--isla maia

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