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High Fashion Mountaineering Boots...


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So decided to order some Fracap M100's. Couldn't find a source in US so contacted Fracap and they offered to build some - got to pick all materials (suede, polished vs opaque leather), wide range of colors, hardware, etc. Could have gone with crazy contrasting back panels, bellows/tongue, ankle padding, stitching, etc. but ended up going with a more traditional, vintage hiking boot look. Dark brown with regular brown suede padding, bronze D-rings all the way (quick release hooks would snag pants) and a rubber vibram sole.

Here are pictures they sent me:



They were mailed a few days ago so will let you know how they are in person when I get them.

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picked up some diemmes prodded by tres biens discount count

very happy they feel quite lux

suede outer and leather lined


lightweight but well built

size wise i went with my reg felt a little roomy with cotton socks

switched up to wool for a perfect fit

Nice boots ! Did you go for your regular US size ? Diemme boots have a EU tagged size right ?

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My M100's arrived from Italy today (see above). Bloody beautiful. I went with a 43 and the fit is very good for me. I am usually a US10/43 but have narrow feet and a low instep so YMMV.

Leather and build quality is excellent, and comfortable out the box. Since they built custom I asked them to make the shoe less bulky and they did as I asked.



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