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alltime favorite bands, artists, mc's etc. top 10


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1. Pink Floyd

2. Led Zeppelin

3. Type O Negative

4. (here's a curveball) Frank Sinatra

5. Ozzy (only Live though)

6. DJ Z-Trip

7. Paul Oakenfold

8. John Williams

9. Queen

10. The guy who writes the songs

they sing on The Family Guy

Can I ask you something? These sunglasses: they're really nice. Are they like government issue, or do you guys all go to the same store together?

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i don't think my top 5 have changed in a decade.


1. morrissey.

2. bjork.

3. clipse.

4. jawbreaker.

5. new order.


cam'ron misses out by a ball hair (no homo).


edit - i just checked a hc zine i made in 2005 and my top 5 then was:


1. jawbreaker.

2. big l.

3. new order.

4. carry on.

5. bad brains.


pretty close and totally respectable for a 18yr old (unlike most other shit i was into back then).

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