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Excelsior Hotel in HK

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Has anyone stayed in the Excelsior Hotel located in Causeway Bay? How is that area for nightlife?

I have a choice between that hotel and Kowloon Hotel located in Tsim Sha Tsui. If I remember correctly the Kowloon hotel is connected to the Harbour City mall. Which would be the better choice between the two?

Also any recommondations on general nightlife would be appreciated. Lounges, bars, clubs, restaurants, ect......


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Hey Presto,

Stayed at the Excelsior a few years ago and it was ok, probably not as nice as i had hoped. I've never stayed at the Kowloon but i have heard good things. As far as which is the better location that's a really tough call...I'd probably say the Kowloon but the Excelsior is very very close to the middle of Causway Bay.

I know the Kowloon is very close to Nathan road but didnt think it was connected to the Harbour City Mall? I know the two Marco Polo's are...mmm maybe the Kowloon Hotel is aswell...anyway Tsim Sha Tsui is an awesome area for shopping and down Nathan road about a mile is Mong Kok which is definitely worth hitting.

As far as Lounges, Bars, clubs etc i like to go to Lan Kwai Fong which is the ex-pats area of HK and that's at Central. Plenty of bars and nice restaurants. Between Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay i'd say there are better bars and clubs in Causeway bay...but whatever you choose you just cant go wrong! Even if you prefer another area the subway system is the best in the world or the cabs are cheap!!!!

Damn i just read what i wrote and it's not very succinct at all...what i'm trying to say is you can't go wrong with either.....

Oh yeah i forgot you should definitely check out Felix Bar at the top of The Penisula Hotel in Kowloon...it's a Starck designed joint that is a must see!!!! Enjoy

one life

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