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Indepedent Filmmakers Kit For Sale

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i'm finishing off my degree in film and i do not need this stuff anymore as i have moved to HD and 35mm film.

1 mint in box Yashica 8mm camera. 1960s. complete w/ 2 spools, focus battery, trigger/pistol grip. built in light meter requires a vintage battery (not included). has electric focus. Reflex viewfinder. shoots 24 fps, 60 fps, single frame animation.*

*8mm is not made by major film companies anymore, however there is split stock available online and the ability to process it either yourself or in NYC, Boston, Hollywood film developers.

1 used Yashica Super8mm camera. late 1960s. built in spectrum-style light meter. takes 8mm cartridges. VERY similar to Nizo cameras (industry standard super8mms). shoots 24 fps and single frame animation. Zoom lens. (manual). cosmetic condition 7/10. internal condition 10/10. runs perfect and has had a lot of film through it.

never had a problem.

*Super 8mm is still made in various stocks from Kodak. order direct from them. Processing super common in any major city.

1 Revere by 3M super 8mm camera. a plastic cheap camera that is super easy to use, sorta like a 1960s lomography film camera. uses super8mm cartridges. has a 8 step apature. batteries included, works fine. cosmetic 6/10, internal 9/10(dirty). i used tape to make sure the film loading space stays shut, you should do this too.

16mm supplies:

-2 large rolls of 16mm sound fill. the kind made by Ampex (now out of business). this is for sound recording. this is MAG style film. never been recorded with. regular and grey backed.

-16mm sound fill tape. regular sized opaque white tape.

-16mm clear splicing tape. regular sized double pef.

-16mm take-up reels for Bolex and standard 16mm cameras.

-8mm/super8mm splicing reels.

-Academic Leader 16mm (this is the 5,4,3,2,1, stuff for sound syncing)

also lots of cleaning, fixing, and other supplies.

LOTS of fill film from various projects, ask me how much you need and i will provide. do montages, use for sound fill, etc your choice. super8mm footage and lots of dead footage. footage from some concerts including a Some Girls show.

2 rolls of black and white 16mm kodak film stock. standard 100ft length, stored in fridge. dated last spring. worth $70 alone.


PAYPAL anytime.

i can send pics per request

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Yeah, since I know a little bit about it - this is a great deal..the thing that sucks is that it's so expensive to get 8mm tape digitized....

But I'm gonna ask a friend of mine - she's an independent filmmaker - maybe she'd take it...

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