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Songs that spark a certain emotion/memory

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this is gonna sound mad cheese but believe or not

dashboard confessional - "hands down"

reminds me of the first girl i ever had a crush on right when i was starting high school out as a freshman. she said this was her favorite song and i had never heard it or of dashboard before but when i gave it a listen i got hooked cause it reminded me of her. what's worse is that she was a cheerleader and i played football. yeah. really cheez.

sophie b. hawkins - "as i lay me down"

i used to wake up to this song on the radio literally every morning when i was in kindergarten. no joke, it reminds me of my childhood.

modjo - "lady"

jakarta nightlife. they used to play this on the radio nonstop. now they just play "d.a.n.c.e" nonstop.

gilberto gil, ben jorge - the entire "gil e jorge" album

chilling all night in the back seat of my car on school nights with the first girl i ever

mxpx - "move to bremerton"

my older brother listened to them when i was in the 3rd grade or so. i just sorta liked this song just cause it was so feelgood.

jack johnson & ben harper - "hight tide or low tide (bob marley cover)"

definitely the song of the summer after my sophomore year of high school. spent just about every night getting high with my best friend and listening to this song. every day pretty much consisted of waking up at 4 or 5 pm, spending the day trying to get weed (or the money for it), and smoking up at night, and we were totally content with that. the euphoria came to an end when my mom found my bong shortly before the end of the summer.

the clientele - all of strange geometry

fucking depressing ass wrestling season junior year of high school. probably some of the loneliest and harshest times of my life since my days consisted purely of dieting and cutting weight, being tired and cranky in school, practice, and going home at night to do homework. not to mention at that time my dad was pretty much confident he was going to lose his job of 25 years. i don't know why but i always listened to this album on the way to and back from wrestling meets.

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hyper-ballad / bjork

falling in love for the first time.

007 / desmond dekker

the first time i drank alcohol.

making days longer / rjd2

a bitter sweet long distance relationship i was in.

1979 / smashing pumpkins

driving in my friends car on shuto-ko (tokyo highways)

the cabbage / teenage fanclub

learning how to play guitar

stop whispering / radiohead

last time i had a broken heart

alternative ulster / slf

playing music

candy says / vu


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Nina Simone - Who Knows Where the Time Goes

her version just floors me every time. feel like Nina Simone is sitting by me forgiving me for all my mistakes, sins...and comforting me from all the bad shit that happened

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Hehe nice thread to look around in.

metallica - unforgiven. a nice song. reminds me of reading lord of the rings when i was 12

Blonde redhead - anticipation. this song is just pure magic for me, love it so much. its weird and i could never make sense of it. I think i never even looked up the lyrics because i dont want to structure the experience but leave it as it is. the entire album is really nice but this song is the best. reminds me of autumn during my first year in uni.

the smiths - this night has opened my eyes. reminds me of being sad in summer. the summer that i heard it for the first time (and listened to it constantly) i was actually never sad but because of the lyrics i always start pondering anyway. also nice party-song

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pavement - carrot rope, just makes me happy.

that GSYBE song just almost put me in tears that shit is still that good. That song reminds me of Boston '04? i think when they played the avalon

Yeah GSYBE had me welling up as well when I saw them at the Scala in 2001/2? I can't remember. "Storm" and "Raise your skinny fists ... " with an endless speeded up time lapse Super 8 clip of hundereds of cars on a highway ... weird ...

Ediit: Yeah just listened to it again - the bit about 9 minutes in .... sounds incredible, even though tinny laptop speakers.

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