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There was a recent thread about philosophy on here.

Anyway, heady spaced-philosophy? That's hard to recommend, for some people general metaphysics would already fit the bill, but if you have a genuine interest in philosophy, looking for heady spaced out stuff might not be the right thing.

Since you mentioned being interested in new world order/illuminati/freemason conspiracies, I could recommend some esotericism and mysticism. I study philosophy, but also have a strong interest in esotericism and mysticism, from a historic point of view. If you want some strange, hard to to follow theories that are close and sometimes intertwined with philosophy, you could try things like that.

Maybe alchemists like Paracelsus? Or gnosticism, hermeticism, rosicrucianism, etc? If you like stuff like freemasonry, then this might be interesting as well. Ofcourse, these are also mostly 'strange' for us because of the historical context that they where founded in.

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