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shit you hate


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i hate bad liars

asking this guy to end a listing early on ebay item cuz i don't want to wait 7 days. freshly listed, no bids. i tell him i'm willing to give him like extra 40 euros on top of opening bid to speed it up

he says he wants even more than that cuz he has a bunch of people interested. the listing view counter says 14. at least 6 of those views were mine

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being stupid enough to turn off my alarm thinking i'd actually get back up in five minutes. nope. woke up an hour and a half later at the same time lecture started. whoooooops.

i always do this but i almost always wake up 5 minutes later somehow.. it's become part of my routine

i hate fucking traffic on rainy mornings

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Guest on-display

When your having small talk with someone after class and say "ok, take care" or "see you later" and then they start walking in the same direction as you (i.e to the parking lot). then your forced to have small talk or choose to ignore them


I hate small talk

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Having to wait from noon-3 for the gas guy and 4-7 for cable...basically ill be home all day.

No hot water until tonight...this mornings cold shower was no bueno.

Yesterday was my birthday, I moved all day.

Im sore as shit.

Oh well...still got gifts to open and Brainfeeder tonight should make up for it!

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when you don't have enough time to make a very important decision.

and those friday 8am inferential statistics homework for the next class which is ... saturday 8am with a friday full of lecture.

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people who chew with their goddamn mouth open, making smacking noises and shit

so fucking annoying

haha i had an old co-worker who chews with his mouth open. one day one of my other co-workers leans into me and she says 'some one should tell him to stop cause it sounds like he is sucking dick' i always found that hilarious.

but yeah that sound is not cool

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